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TWE Interview: Journalist Andrea Smith on Cool New Tech Gadgets for Women

Andrea Smith (r) with Rebecca Levey and Helena Stone, CES 2015

Andrea Smith (r), Co-Host Rebecca Levey, (l),
ChipChick’s Helena Stone

By Patricia Caso/January 25, 2015
Photos Courtesy Andrea Smith

TWITTER: @andreasmith

Award-winning journalist and producer Andrea Smith can do what I consider nearly impossible: explain technological gadgets so the ordinary person can understand them. And, Andrea stresses why these gadgets are important.

“Instead of focusing on processing speed, dimensions, etc., I prefer to say, ‘This is a really cool thing and this is how it is going to change the way you live.’ That’s what matters to my audience and me.” Andrea Smith

I caught up with Andrea via phone to find out more about her, what she saw, tried out and was excited about at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. No small feat for this intrepid reporter and host-producer for MommyTech TV in the midst of thousands of new technological gadgets, which will be available soon to consumers….  [Read more…]

TOP 10: Joanna Weidenmiller’s Unlikely Path to a $100 Million Company

Joanna Weidenmiller/entrepreneur.com/Photo: Maro Antonelli/Fortune

Joanna Weidenmiller’s Unlikely Path to a $100 Million Company: Jennifer Reingold–fortune.com–12/15/14–Photo: Marco Antonelli

She++’s Ayna Agarwal and Ellora Israni Inspire Girls To Go Geek

Ellora Israni and Ayna Agarwal, founders of she++

Ayna Agarwal and Ellora Israni, founders of she++

By Patricia Caso/August 21, 2013
Photos Courtesy she++

TWITTER: sheplusplus

Self-professed “good girls gone geek” Ayna Agarwal and Ellora Israni are on a mission to inspire young women to join the ranks of technology engineers. In January 2012, then both 19, they founded she++ to do just that!

“By 2020, the United States will only be producing about a third of the computer scientists it needs. Women are our greatest untapped bench of potential.”  Ellora Israni

What started out as a Women In Technology Conference at Stanford University has produced a community of proactive women engaged in e-mentoring, discussions, social media initiatives and even a documentary released worldwide.

I was so intrigued after seeing an interview Ayna gave Bloomberg News that I had to find out more from her and Ellora on their goals, motivation and successes. Through e-mail I was able to catch up with these intensely busy femgineers as they begin their senior year at Stanford…  [Read more…]

Top 10: The 1.6 Billion Facebook Woman Staying on Message

Sheryl Sandberg, 1.6 Million Woman Staying on Message

The 1.6 Billion Facebook Woman Staying on Message: Perlroth/Miller–nytimes.com–2/5/12–Photo: Antoine Antoniol/Bloomberg

Top 10: Forbes Woman of the Year in Tech

Sheryl Sandburg--Forbes Women in Tech--TWE Top 10

Forbes Woman of the Year–Women in Tech: Jenna Goudreau–forbes.com–12/27/11

Padmasree Warrior Leads Cisco In Tech Innovations

Padmasree Warrior Leads Cisco Photo: India Today

Padmasree Warrior is CTO (Chief Tech Officer) of Cisco and mentors young women in science.  Over 12.4 million people  follow her on Twitter.   She has transformed Cisco into a leading platform provider for the internet.

To read about Padmasree:

India Today

Guestblog on CNBC–8/6/10

Speech on Youtube

Question:  How has the internet affected your life?