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TOP 10: Lillian Ross’s (Many) Choice Words

Lillian Ross book Reporting, Always: Writings form the New Yorker/Image: Scribner Publishing

Lillian Ross’s (Many) Choice Words: Penelope Green–nytimes.com–10/28/15–Image: Scribner Publicity

TOP 10: Erica Jong Is Back Conquering Fears

Erica Jong's Fear of Dying: Photo: St. Martin's Press

Erica Jong Is Back Conquering Fears: Rita Braver–cbsnews.com–10/19/15–Photo: St. Martin’s Press

TOP 10: Laura van den Berg is the Best Young Writer in America

Laura van den Berg, writer/salon.com

Laura van den Berg is the Best Young Writer in America: Claire Cameron–salon.com–2/18/15

TOP 10: Nora Ephron’s Hollywood Ending

Nora Ephron: Photo: Amy Pomerantz and NY Times

Nora Ephron’s Hollywood Ending: Alessandra Stanley–nytimes.com–6/28/12–Photo: Amy Pomerantz

TOP 10: Nora Ephron, 1941-2012–Writer and Filmmaker with a Genius for Humor

Nora Ephron--Photo: Jonathan Wenk, Columbia Pictures

Nora Ephron, 1941-2012–Writer and Filmmaker with a Genius for Humor: Charles McGrath–nytimes.com–6/26/12–Photo: Jonathan Wenk/Columbia

Writer Dominique Browning On Her Slow Love Life And Finding Happiness

Dominique Browning author photo credit Frances Palmer

UPDATE 8/8/15: Dominique’s most recent column: I’m Too Old for This

By Pamela Burke/April 23, 2012

TWITTER: @Slowlovelife

All things fascinating, beautiful, and wondrous are discussed on Dominique Browning’s blog Slow Love Life.  We follow it religiously here at TWE, wondering what special photos and subject matter Dominique will turn up next.

She is a well-respected writer and was Editor-in-Chief of one of our favorite magazines, House & Garden.  Unfortunately, it ceased publication overnight in 2007, and she lost her job.

“The idea of Slow Love is just taking and giving ourselves permission to take a little time every day to feed our soul.”    Dominique Browning

Dominique decided to write all about it in a very candid and amusing book called Slow Love: How I Lost My Job Put On My Pajamas and Found Happiness .  We couldn’t wait to talk to her about her concept of Slow Love and her new project, Moms Clean Air Force.

Here are is an excerpt from Stacey Gualandi’s radio interview with Dominique along with some inspiring photos from her blog…   [Read more…]

Lisa See On The Joy Of Writing And “Dreams Of Joy”

Lisa See

UPDATE 12/1/16: Lisa’s brand new book The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane is expected to be published 3/21/17.  Looking forward to this!

UPDATE 4/4/14: Lisa’s newest book, China Dolls, is coming out June 3 and getting a lot of attention from her fans. It’s set in San Francisco before World War II and promises to be another bestseller.

By Pamela Burke

TWITTER: @Lisa_See

Best-selling novelist Lisa See has been fascinated with Chinese culture and female friendship ever since she published her first book “On Gold Mountain” in 1995. This “Los Angeles treasure,” as she’s been called, is now the author of seven popular novels with the release this year of “Dreams of Joy.”

“…write 1,000 words a day and one charming note. I now say that to anyone who will listen.” Lisa See

Lisa See "Dreams of Joy"When “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,” a master work that has been translated into 38 languages, made its way to the silver screen, our reviewer Sue Podbielski praised its seldom portrayed theme of women’s loyalty and friendship.

We were delighted when we could talk to Lisa on “The Women’s Eye Radio Show” and hear more about how she “cuts to the bone” when she writes. She’s working on yet another novel, but she took time out to talk to us about the love she has for her craft. Here is Stacey Gualandi’s interview… [Read more…]