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20 Women Changemakers

20 Women Changemakers

Taking Action Around the World

Do You Want to Change the World?

It begins with one person, often one ordinary woman, who sees a need, finds a way to fill it and ends up doing extraordinary things to make a positive difference.

We are veteran broadcasters and journalists who started The Women’s Eye to shine the light on these special changemakers and bring them to you. The website began as a place to celebrate people around the world who were taking action.

It turned into a radio program featuring intrepid impacters from all walks of life making inspiring contributions to humanity. And now it’s evolved into a book featuring twenty remarkable women who will amaze you with their ideas, fortitude and grit.

They tell you how they did it,
and what it takes to make an impact!

“These intrepid women demonstrate how one person can make an indelible mark. A brilliant collection of inspiring interviews by women about women—this book is bold and bright like the women it features.”

-Stacey Reiss, Producer of Award-Winning Documentary
“The Eagle Huntress”

The Team:
The Women Behind the Book

We are friends, fellow broadcasters and journalists who have worked together in some cases for many years. Our backgrounds are varied, but a common thread is that we all care deeply about telling the stories of people who are solving problems and improving the lives of others. We want to spread their messages of hope and optimism.

Co-Editors Pamela and Patricia have had several decades of experience producing and creating a variety of network and cable programs, many of which have been aimed at a female audience. Our radio hosts Catherine and Stacey are multi-talented television personalities who have won awards for their skills on camera and in the field.

Our team continues to expand as we discover more fearless changemakers. Farzana Ali in Pakistan found Gulalai Ismail, the founder of Aware Girls; Amy Ernst discovered Maman Marie Nzoli fighting for women in Congo.

Meet the Team

Catherine Anaya and Pamela Burke | 20 Women Changemakers | The Women's Eye Magazine & Radio Show
Catherine Anaya and Pamela Burke

“There are the people who talk about change and the people who make change happen. Read these pages and feel these remarkable women calling you to ACTION, endless possibility and the world of yes!”

-Laura Munson, New York Times Bestselling Author of
“This is Not The Story You Think It Is”
Founder of Acclaimed Haven Writing Retreat

Roseanna Means with Clinic Patient | 20 Women Changemakers | The Women's Eye Magazine & Radio Show
Roseanna Means, Founder
Health Care Without Walls with a Clinic Patient
About the Book:
From Empowerment to Advocacy

In light of the myriad of problems around the world, we asked ourselves what does it take to make an impact and improve the lives and well-being of people globally. To answer that question, we searched to find women who were making positive change and coming up with answers. It became very encouraging when the more we looked, the more fearless people we found. Their stories were fascinating; their commitment unwavering.

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“This book was my antidote against feeling overwhelmed and impotent at the state of the world. These 20 exceptional “women next door” prove that change happens in increments—from the seed of an idea, passion or an injustice. It proves again the power of women to heal, unite and take action.”

-Lee Woodruff, Journalist and New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of
“In an Instant” and Author of “Perfectly Imperfect” and “Those We Love the Most”

Excerpts from the Book:
Doniece Sandoval’s Lava Mae Brings Showers
and Dignity to the Homeless

Eye:I understand that you went without a shower for a full week so that you could experience what many homeless go through?

Doniece:I am a bit of a clean freak, so it was a challenge for me not to take a bath, step in a shower and fully wipe the day’s grime off… When I finally got to shower, about a minute into the water hitting me, I started to cry. I realized that part of me had disconnected and shut down. Being in a shower felt warm, protective and restorative. It was a very emotional experience.

Eye:Were you prepared to navigate all the issues?

Doniece:I don’t think I quite knew what I was undertaking. I started by knocking on doors of non-profits, to find out if this was even a reasonable idea.

More Excerpts

Doniece Sandoval | 20 Women Changemakers | The Women's Eye Magazine & Radio Show

Don’t worry about the “what ifs.” Dare to make an impact.

Here’s What People are Saying..

“An extraordinary book about extraordinary women.”

-Kathy Magliato, World Famous Neurosurgeon
and New York Times Bestselling Author

“There is nothing more inspiring to me than to hear the stories of women from around the world, leading from a place of confidence and purpose to create change.”

-Pernille Spiers-Lopez, Former President
IKEA North America

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“I came away with a renewed sense of wanting to do and be more.”

-Lisa See, New York Times Bestselling Author

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