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The Women's Eye LogoIf you’d like to be included in THE WOMEN’S EYE, please email the information about yourself and your endeavor using the contact form below and your suggestion will be considered. If you know someone whom you’d like to see added to the website,  please let us know.
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  1. Documentary photographer Paola Gianturco has documented women’s issues worldwide since her first book In Her Hands: Craftswomen Changing the World came out in 2000. Her new book GRANDMOTHER POWER: A Global Phenomenon will be released in Sept. She is an inspiration to women everywhere. I hope you will contact me to get in touch with her. She’s a dynamo!

    • Hi Jeany,
      This is Cheryl McLaughlin with The Women’s Eye. Thank you so much for recommending Paola. She would be great and love her books as well as the topic of her new one! We’ll be looking into it. In fact, I just sent Paola a note asking if she’s around as our paths have often crossed through Book Passage.

  2. I would love to share my passion for helping women of all ages feel more energetic! Let’s talk soon! xo.

    • Hi Sid,
      Thanks for contacting us. We will consider this and get back to you.
      All the best,
      Cheryl McLaughlin for Pamela Burke, Curator/Editor

  3. Hello,

    My memoir, Harvesting Stones, An American woman’s international journey of survival was just published last month by Summertime publishing. The book website is http://www.harvestingstonesbook.com

    I spent 14 years living and traveling overseas. When I had to escape back to the USA in 1999 with my three sons from Dubai to flee domestic violence and child abuse, I founded an organization to help other American women and children being abused overseas. Please visit the website for more information. Thank you for your kind consideration to have me The Women’s Eye.

  4. Hello, my name is Janine Hernandez and I am a published author who will be launching my second book called Feathers in the Sky on September 15th. Would love to talk to you more about my project.

  5. Hi:
    VentureMom is a blog and web site that has profiled over 250 women entrepreneurs over the last several years. I have a book, speak, and do regular interviews. I’d love to do your show. Please reach out. You can see my info at VentureMom.com or I can email you a media kit if you send an email. Check out my YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRA58u9jAZtx68D4OXmA_7w?view_as=subscriber
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Holly, Your website looks really interesting. Thanks so much for getting in touch with us. We have featured many women entrepreneurs on our site and have enjoyed spreading the word about them. We will get back to you if we see an opening for you in our podcast schedule and will continue to follow your blog. Wishing you great success with VentureMom. All best, The Women’s Eye

  6. Hi Pamela, I’m trying to find an archive of the Tomorrow Show, specifically an episode from 1979 on which Ted Turner and Daniel Schorr appeared. Do you have any idea where I might find a transcript, even? This is for a book I’m writing about the making of CNN. Many thanks.

  7. Hello – Hope you are well. I came across The Women’s Eye during research for my blog Awakened-Woman.com. Congratulations on your show and the impact you are making on women by offering a resource that includes such a vast amount of information to help better themselves.

    I am the founder and sole blogger of Awakened-Woman.com. Over the past 11 months, I’ve written close to 300 articles that have been read globally. The stories touch on a variety of women’s issues, AW includes personal stories shared to inspire women on the journey to a better self. My goal is to encourage women to find what makes them happy and envision their greatest life then go for it. My book “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” is due for release by Black Rose Publishing, July 2019. The hope is that I can empower women to find their greatness.

    Collaborating with other platforms helps spread an important message – women empowerment. Inspiring one another is important for growth. I’d love to be considered for an opening on your show’s schedule. Please visit AW and let me know if we can work together in the near future. Thank you for your time.

    Yvette Bodden

  8. Good morning. I’m reaching out is because I believe Michelle Cirocco, Chief Social Responsibility Officer for Phoenix-based Televerde would be an amazing guest for The Women’s Eye Radio Show. Once a convicted felon and now an executive with this $30-million sales and marketing organization, Michelle has first-hand knowledge about how second chances, inclusion and access to opportunities can empower women. She’s been invited to the White House and created the first TED Talk hosted inside a prison.

    Michelle believes her organization has an opportunity to inspire global action and real social change in the business community as the criminal justice system has the opportunity to champion women’s empowerment, catapulting the female prison population to leaders of the workplace. By doing so they are also addressing the technical, leadership, and soft skills gaps organizations are facing around the world.

    Women’s empowerment requires that we as a community unlock access to financial resources. And nowhere is this more important than with disempowered communities. For the past 25 years, Televerde has been training and hiring women in correctional facilities. Not only did the women help generate $8 billion in revenue for Televerde’s well-known client base including SAP and Microsoft, but the women garnered valuable business and skills training, earned degrees and certifications that will well position them to step into STEM roles upon completion of their time served removing barriers to better employment.

    Thank you for your consideration. I really appreciate it.


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