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Praise for 20 Women Changemakers

Praise for 20 Women Changemakers

“These are truly extraordinary women, who through their work,
teach us all something new and inspire me to roll up my sleeves to do more.”

—Pernille Spiers-Lopez,

Former President CEO IKEA North America
Author of “Design Your Life”

Phenomenal women, doing extraordinary work, captured through remarkable narratives. From changemakers to game-changers, defying the odds to rise above the mundane—this is what our world so desperately longs for. This is what The Women’s Eye brings to light. I am absolutely inspired by the strength and compassion that comes through every single pursuit of purpose brought out by this outstanding compilation.”

—Ms. Umra Omar,

Founder of Safari Doctors, Kenya
CNN Hero

“Pamela Burke of The Women’s Eye has compiled the best of her wonderful and inspiring interviews of women who are changing the world—from Jessica Posner, who built the first free school in Kenya for girls, to Jenny Bowen, who is providing better lives for abandoned girls in China; from women working to support the homeless to those helping others through grief.”

—Lisa See,

New York Times Bestselling Author of Several Books Including
“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” and “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane”

“The Women’s Eye has put together a handbook for social justice and activism guaranteed to lift spirits and inform ideals. 20 Women Changemakers are ordinary women who found their passion to do extraordinary things. They share tips on how they achieved their goals, along with websites to connect with them and their causes and book club discussion questions to challenge every reader.”

—Eleanor Clift,

Washington Correspondent,
The Daily Beast

“20 Women Changemakers is a compelling report on the way women work for good. Food, medical care, medical bills, spiritual healing (from one of the mothers of Sandy Hook), the unseen safety net that women weave.”

—Linda Hirshman,

Author of “Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World”

Looking for a groundbreaking source of inspiration to kickstart your ideas?

“The collection of these amazing women’s stories was fascinating—from creating global change to making a difference for their neighbor. If the readers have a vision to better our communities, the book will inspire them to take the first step, start the journey and then, never look back.

—Ann Micklos,

NASA Aerospace Engineer

“I found myself humbled in the face of the tremendous work these amazing women have done and are still doing. Women by design are caregivers, generators of warmth and kindness, radiators of an unstoppable healing force. The incredible women in this book are living proof of this fact. I loved every moment reading it.

—Mimo Khair,

Artist in Shanghai, China,
Global Photographer

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