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TWE FUN STUFF: Spring Style with Orange Polka Dots and Zebras

Peach top with polka dots and zebra/Anthropologie 3/14

By Pamela Burke/March 26, 2014

“The color orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow.”

We call it a shopping blitz. All of a sudden we want a fix of fashion and to find out if there are new creations that will wow us; what colors are the newest rage; and whether there is a unique piece of clothing that will cause the wallet to open.

Peach Top/AnthropologieToday’s blitz was at one of our favorite stores, Anthropologie, where we know we will usually find something that speaks to us.

Screaming from a distance was the sweet white shirt with orange polka dots and zebra that you see above.

There was just something about the design and the way the zebra appeared nonchalantly among the dots. We knew we had to have it.

As we looked around the store, we noticed the shades of peach and orange popping out everywhere. Are these the new colors of spring?  From jackets to shorts to books to pottery, you couldn’t miss the bright citrus colors.

Take a look at the nifty orange jacket with front zip pockets above. There was something cozy, soft and casual about it that was very alluring.

Could it be worn over that zebra with dots top?  Hmmm. 

Orange Dress/Anthropologie

Not that far away lurked a silky orange shift, again soft and flowing.

The wonder of Anthropologie is that in addition to its nifty clothes, it has an eclectic collection of eye-catching items from all over the world.

A jeweled clutch in peach was particularly stylish, which was right next to a book that fit in to the decor perfectly.
Grace Coddington Book--Anthropologie



I’d been meaning to get Grace Coddington’s Grace, A Memoir for months now (orange cover).

It’s the story of the model-turned-editor of Vogue who became an international icon.

She would be a fascinating interview for TWE and would certainly understand the wonder of color.

 We can’t close our quick survey without mentioning the faux hot air balloons in the window, fitting in perfectly with the spring atmosphere inside. From top to bottom, this store has an aura of creativity that we just love. And, of course, now we can’t live without the new palette we’ve been introduced to. Vive l’orange!

Anthropologie's balloonsHot air balloon display by Shane Majors, Display Coordinator, Anthropologie-Scottsdale

Oh, and that peachy purse

Peach Purse/Anthropologie