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NEW TWE Radio: Changemaker Maggie Doyne On Her Groundbreaking Nepali School

Maggie Doyne – Founder of BlinkNow in Surkhet, Nepali

Maggie Doyne – Founder of BlinkNow in Surkhet, Nepali


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Stacey just did a BRAND NEW interview for The Women’s Eye Radio with Maggie Doyne, founder of BlinkNow in Surkhet, Nepal and the 2015 CNN Hero of the Year.

We wanted to find out about Maggie’s new activities since we last chatted with her for our book 20 WOMEN CHANGEMAKERS about her groundbreaking children’s home and school in the Kopila Valley. Currently Maggie has 53 children and many more people in her extended family there.

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Maggie Doyne

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Maggie was in Los Angeles speaking at the Yellow Conference, a unique gathering for women who want to make an impact and work for something bigger than themselves.

And that Maggie did! Traveling to the poverty-stricken valleys of Nepal ten years ago at age 19, she saw a huge need for education, nutrition, shelter and love for the orphans living in this destitute area.

As she approaches the upcoming 10th anniversary of her non-profit BlinkNow in December, she talks to Stacey about what BlinkNow has accomplished, how they keep growing and expanding and the exciting adventures ahead for them.

Her personal news surprised us! You’ll find out all about it when you hear her talk about her life as “chief executive mom” and new book and documentary.

As Maggie says, “In the blink of an eye, we can all make a difference.” Enjoy this chat. She has terrific advice on how you, too, can make a difference.

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INTERVIEW: CNN Hero Umra Omar Delivers Healthcare and Hope to Coastal Kenya

Umra Omar, Safari Doctors/Photo: Safari Doctors

Umra Omar

By Pamela Burke/October 11, 2016
Photos provided by Safari Doctors

What do you do when you have a successful career but find out that people living in an archipelago thousands of miles away in your native Kenya have serious healthcare issues that need attention? Umra Omar (@UmraOmar) faced that situation head-on and made the decision to return to the land of her birth.

In 2014 she founded Safari Doctors, a program operating out of Lamu, Kenya, offering free basic medical services where there were almost none.

“We say every journey starts with a single step…The goal is to have monthly clinics targeting a minimum of 10 villages which is service to approximately 10,000 villagers treating an average of 1,000 patients a month.”  Umra Omar

CNN recently recognized her efforts by naming her a CNN Hero. We were so impressed with Umra and her team that we want to introduce her to our TWE readers. Her small group travels by air, road and boat to bring much needed healthcare to the coastal islands in the Lamu Archipelago.  The trips can be dangerous as the Somalia border and terrorists are not far away.

Meet Umra who is eight months pregnant with her second child and as committed as ever…  [Read more…]

TOP 10: Millenial, Mother of 50: Maggie Doyne is Breaking the Rules and Saving Lives

Maggie Doyne/CNN Hero of the Year/Screenshot CNN

Millenial, Mother of 50: Maggie Doyne’s breaking the Rules and Saving Lives: Denise Restauri–forbes.com–12/20/15–Photo: CNN Screenshot

Susan Burton, CNN Hero Of The Year Finalist, On Prisoner Reentry

Susan Burton | CNN Hero of the Year Finalist, On Prisoner Re-entry

UPDATE: 5/7/17: A Modern-Day Harriet Tubman by Nicholas Kristof

UPDATE 8/28/13: The First Ever Criminal Justice Film Festival on Oct. 20/21 in Los Angeles grows out of Susan’s efforts.

UPDATE 12/11/12: Susan’s new documentary “Susan” debuts online

UPDATE 12/3/12: Susan will be a guest on TWE Radio 12/29 -30/12.

UPDATE 12/2/12: “A New Way of Life” celebrates with their 14th Annual Fundraising Gala Dec. 9th in Los Angeles.  Guests will preview a new documentary, “Susan,” based on Burton’s life and how she has transformed the lives of over 600 women. 

UPDATE 9/20/12: Susan appears on The Ricki Lake Show

By Pamela Burke/October 10, 2011

Susan Burton is the founder of an award-winning reentry program for female ex-offenders in South Los Angeles. To date, her non-profit organization “A New Way of Life” has helped more than 500 women once incarcerated get back on their feet.

Susan knows how difficult life can be. After her 5-year-old son was accidentally killed in 1981, she ended up in prison six different times. She got clean in 1997 and never looked back.

This year she was nominated to be CNN’s Hero of the Year and is now one of the final ten candidates from more than 100 countries. The winner is decided in November by people who vote online here. The total prize is $125,000.

I interviewed Susan eight years ago for womensenews.org. I sensed then she was someone with very special talents. When I heard about her recent success, I was thrilled for her and wanted to find out about this Hero of the Year nomination and how her reentry program was doing.

” I just thought if I could help a few women like me who were trapped come back home to South LA, that was my goal. It just sort of took on its own steam and synergy”…. Susan Burton

When I spoke to Susan, she told me she was on her way to Harvard University. She’ll explain… [Read more…]