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TWE PODCAST: Catherine Anaya with Dr. Morgan Francis On Mental Wellness and Catherine Scrivano on Money Scams

Dr. Morgan Francis with TWE host Catherine Anaya

Dr. Morgan Francis with TWE host Catherine Anaya

By Catherine Anaya/November 13, 2019

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW episode of The Women’s Eye podcast with Catherine Anaya as I talk with Dr. Morgan Francis. Dr. Francis is a licensed professional counselor with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

Dr. Morgan Francis

Dr. Morgan Francis

She specializes in the treatment of, among other things, mental health, body image and eating disorders, and self-empowerment.

Dr. Francis talks about her passion for getting more adults and teens to talk about these issues and how you can apply her approaches to mental health wellness and learn to love yourself, not only your own life but the lives of those around you.

Plus, she’ll talk about her BYE BYE BODY BLAME online classes and how they provide practical ways to help you build self-empowerment and self-love.

Also in this episode, I talk to Catherine Scrivano, a regular contributor to The Women’s Eye podcast.

Catherine Scrivano

Catherine Scrivano

Catherine is President of CASCO Financial Group in Phoenix, Arizona. She founded her business to help people create the financial strength necessary for achieving their dreams and Building Money Power.

She’ll talk about financial abuse or scams, who is the most vulnerable and how to reduce your risk of such abuse.

For more information about Dr. Morgan Francis, check out:

Website:  scottsdalepremiercounseling.com
Instagram: @drmorganfrancis
Facebook: @drmorganfrancis

For Catherine Scrivano, check out:

Website: www.cascofinancial.com
Instagram: @catherinescrivano
Facebook: @catherinescrivano / @cascofinancialgroup
Twitter: @cascofinancial



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Ovarian Cancer Survivor Sharon Blynn Proves Bald Is Beautiful

Sharon Blynn

Photo: Robin Emtage

By Stacey Gualandi

When Sharon Blynn was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2000, she was a vibrant music executive living in New York City…and she was only 28 years old.

“One of the most profound teachings has been about learning to truly love myself at my deepest core.”

It was a devastating life-altering moment followed by three years of treatment and the demoralizing loss of her hair. She bravely shaved her head and eventually conquered this silent disease. Now eight years cancer-free, the actress and model chooses to remain bald.

Sharon Blynn

Sharon at Revlon Run/Walk--Photo: Brad Ross/2008

In 2003, she created baldisbeautiful.org to redefine beauty and dispel the stigma of hair loss from cancer. As a result, Sharon inspires survivors and caregivers throughout the world. She is this month’s Revlon Role Model in an advertisement in People.

Sharon has a powerful message, and after meeting this one-woman ovarian cancer-awareness-advocate in person, it was easy to see her beauty, both inside and out… [Read more…]

Maryam Bibi Fights To Empower Women In Dangerous Northwest Pakistan

Maryam Bibiqabibi

By Farzana Ali, guest blogger in Peshawar, Pakistan

Website: hotfrontiers.com

I was just a student in 1996 when I heard about Maryam Bibi’s activities in the press. Her mission as founder of Khwendo Kor, meaning “Sisters’ Home” and the threats she was receiving were known throughout Pakistan. Most of her community centers for women were under attack and her colleagues under fire.

“The vast majority of tribal females are still deprived of the basic rights of education, health, and clean drinking water.”

After 9/11 when I was a working journalist, Maryam BiBi was considered on the side of the U.S. against Muslims during the war on terror. Then I had a chance to meet her, talk to her and watch her leading the womenfolk during the rule of the six religious parties-based alliance MMA.

Maryam Bibi protesting for peace

Maryam protesting for peace/2010

This self-made woman from Waziristan had no family, society, government or community support in the beginning, but now the world supports her. She has an important story to tell, and I found myself the best listener and transmitter for this iron lady of the region… [Read more…]

Gloria Feldt On 9 Ways To Embrace Your Power

Gloria Feldt

UPDATE 9/10/13: Gloria has co-founded Take the Lead, a movement to prepare and inspire women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions by 2025.

By Pamela Burke/December 29, 2010

TWITTER: @Gloria Feldt

Gloria Feldt has a passion for bettering women’s lives. She’s a renowned activist, commentator, teacher, and author. In her early years as a mother of three living in west Texas, she called herself a “desperate housewife.” Yet she rose to find her voice as President and CEO of Planned Parenthood from 1996-2005.

“It’s up to us to develop a more positive relationship with power, to define power on our terms and embrace it…” Gloria Feldt

Gloria Feldt's No ExcusesHer most recent book “No Excuses–9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power” has been received with widespread praise. It’s been called “groundbreaking” and “attitude-changing,” and “the most daring.”

I’ve known Gloria for several years now and have attended her inspiring lectures. She’s certainly embraced her own power as her book is climbing best-seller lists. I am delighted I had the opportunity to ask Gloria how she finally found her own identity and to get her advice for others as we begin 2011… [Read more…]

Terry Laszlo-Gopadze Weaves Women’s Tales Of Inspiration

Terry Laszlo-GopadzeTerry Laszlo-Gopadze is a licensed marriage and family therapist who’s compiled a fascinating collection of stories about empowerment and inspiration.

Her new book “The Spirit of a Woman” features people from all walks of life who, as Terry writes, have the inner spirit to face challenges, to go “into the dark and emerge with compassion and truth.”

I met Terry and four of these special women in her book at a signing at Book Passage in Northern California.

“Great women came into my life and mentored me and they have helped me find many ways to heal my body, mind and spirit. Hopefully, I can pass it on to others.” Terry Laszlo-Gopadze

Terry spent 10 years searching for the women in her book. After reading their tales, I had to ask Terry how she found them and what she’s learned after hearing their courageous voices… [Read more…]