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TWE PODCAST: Catherine Anaya with Dr. Morgan Francis On Mental Wellness and Catherine Scrivano on Money Scams

Dr. Morgan Francis with TWE host Catherine Anaya

Dr. Morgan Francis with TWE host Catherine Anaya

By Catherine Anaya/November 13, 2019

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW episode of The Women’s Eye podcast with Catherine Anaya as I talk with Dr. Morgan Francis. Dr. Francis is a licensed professional counselor with a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

Dr. Morgan Francis

Dr. Morgan Francis

She specializes in the treatment of, among other things, mental health, body image and eating disorders, and self-empowerment.

Dr. Francis talks about her passion for getting more adults and teens to talk about these issues and how you can apply her approaches to mental health wellness and learn to love yourself, not only your own life but the lives of those around you.

Plus, she’ll talk about her BYE BYE BODY BLAME online classes and how they provide practical ways to help you build self-empowerment and self-love.

Also in this episode, I talk to Catherine Scrivano, a regular contributor to The Women’s Eye podcast.

Catherine Scrivano

Catherine Scrivano

Catherine is President of CASCO Financial Group in Phoenix, Arizona. She founded her business to help people create the financial strength necessary for achieving their dreams and Building Money Power.

She’ll talk about financial abuse or scams, who is the most vulnerable and how to reduce your risk of such abuse.

For more information about Dr. Morgan Francis, check out:

Website:  scottsdalepremiercounseling.com
Instagram: @drmorganfrancis
Facebook: @drmorganfrancis

For Catherine Scrivano, check out:

Website: www.cascofinancial.com
Instagram: @catherinescrivano
Facebook: @catherinescrivano / @cascofinancialgroup
Twitter: @cascofinancial


TWE Interview: Award-Winning Sculptor Kristen Visbal On Her “Fearless Girl”

Kristen Visbal with her sculpture Fearless Girl/Photo: provided by Federica Valabrega

Kristen Visbal with “Fearless Girl”/New York City

By Patricia Caso/May 14, 2017
Photos: Kristen Visbal
Black/White Photos: Federica Valabrega

“Be Bold For Change” was the theme for International Women’s Day on March 8, 2017. I wonder how many of us would see that boldness in any given little girl. Kristen Visbal, a noted sculptor, found that boldness and a way to inspire conversation on women’s roles, attitudes and future when she was commissioned by State Street Global Advisors to create a sculpture, “Fearless Girl.”

“I think the work is an important statement not just for the empowerment of women, both inside and outside of the financial world, but it also serves as an example for all young women.”   Kristen Visbal

“Fearless Girl” stands facing Wall Street’s famed “Charging Bull.” Kristen’s work ignited a firestorm of opinion. I wanted to know more about how she came up with her unique sculpture and her own background. I grabbed some precious time from Kristen in between doing what she does best, creating remarkable bronze sculptures using something called the lost wax process. .. [Read more…]

TOP 10: Ann Shoket On Money, Monumental Relationships and Living the ‘Big Life’

Ann Shoket book On Money, Monumental Relationships and Living the "Big Life'

Ann Shoket On Money, Monumental Relationshps and Living the ‘Big Life’: J. Barrett–forbes.com–3/29/17

INTERVIEW: Entrepreneur Nely Galán On Her Inspiring Self Made Mission and Movement

Nely Galán, Entrepreneur, on Her Inspiring Self Made Mission and Movement

Nely Galán

Nely Galán and her book, Self Made

By Catherine Anaya/February 21, 2017
Editor: Haley Christopher

Nely Galán, is a women’s empowerment advocate, an Emmy Award-winning television producer and the founder of the Adelante Movement whose goal is to unite and empower Latinas. Her new book Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant, and Rich in Every Way inspired me and I want to share it with you. Her message is her mission and it’s becoming a movement.

“When you take a risk, when you dip your toe in the water, when you just take a small action, the repercussions of that action in your life and your family’s life are immense.” Nely Galán

Nely arrived in America from Cuba when she was a young child and worked her way up from her first job as an unpaid intern to the first Latina President of a U. S. television network, Telemundo. I couldn’t wait to chat with her on The Women’s Eye Radio Show. Here is an excerpt…    [Read more…]

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Chime for Change TV concert with Salma Hayek and Beyonce

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