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TOP 10: New Fashion Museum Exhibit Documents Lauren Bacall: The Look

View of FIT Exhibit at press preview of Lauren Bacall: The Look with curator Mindy Meissen -The Look/bigstory.ap.org

New Fashion Museum Exhibit Documents Lauren Bacall–The Look: Leanne Italie–bigstory.ap.org–3/8/15

The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas–Need We Say More?

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas/NY

The Fashionistas in a New York City garden, 2012

UPDATE 8/27/13The IF’s latest: Count Your Blessings–Prayer Beads!

By Patricia Caso/March 23, 2013
Photos from The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas blog

While on assignment at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology’s Shoe Obsession, I crossed paths with reporters and bloggers but none captured my attention more than two women of a certain age who were dressed to the nines! According to their business card, they are The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.

“We have a look, an approach and a philosophy that’s just a little bit different and sets us apart…we say let’s go for it!
Let’s celebrate! We love looking like this!”
Idiosyncratic Fashionistas

WOW! I had to get to know more about them. Valerie and Jean separate their day jobs and their fashionista adventures, so they don’t use their last names or talk about their professions.

Before going off to an antiques show, they graciously carved out some time to chat. With a twinkle in their eyes, hearts of gold and unabashed zest for style, they shared a whole lot of fashionista wisdom on a chilly March morning in New York… [Read more…]