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TWE RADIO: TV Host Samantha Harris On Beating Cancer and Pursuing Your Healthiest Healthy!

The Women’s Eye Radio host Stacey Gualandi talks to TV host Samantha Harris, author of “Your Healthiest Healthy,” on how she took control and beat cancer.

TWE RADIO: TV Host Samantha Harris On Beating Cancer and Pursuing Your Healthiest Healthy!

Samantha Harris, TV Host and author of “Pursuing Your Healthiest Health” discusses how she beat cancer and took control of her life.

Stacey Gualandi, TWE Radio host with guest Samantha Harris, a TV Host and Author

Stacey Gualandi, TWE Radio Host

TV Host and Author Samantha Harris/Photo: Samantha's selfie

Samantha Harris, TV Host and Author

By Stacey Gualandi/October, 2018
Photos Courtesy Samantha Harris

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW episode of The Women’s Eye Radio with host Stacey Gualandi and television personality and award-winning journalist Samantha Harris, author of the new book Your Healthiest Healthy: 8 Easy Ways to Take Control, Help Prevent and Fight Cancer, and Live a Longer, Cleaner, Happier Life.

Samantha Harris book cover/Photo: “Author” is yet another title for this multi-hyphenate host-turned-health advocate. The Emmy winner is best known as the host of “Entertainment Tonight,” “Extra” and “Dancing With the Stars.”

But Harris is also a public speaker, certified trainer and a cancer survivor and thriver – perhaps her most important role to date (besides mom to Jossie and Hilly!)! In 2014, Harris found a lump AFTER a mammogram all-clear, and was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Following a double mastectomy, Harris decided to “come out” publicly and so began her mission to take control of her disease, educate herself on her body IQ, and write a “crisis survival guide” for others, “one manageable step at a time.”

Harris and I met years ago while she was at “E!” and I was reporting for “Inside Edition.” When I heard about her cancer journey, I was shocked because she was the healthiest person I knew! Unfortunately, she was an exception to the rule. Now I want to share her personal cancer journey.

TV Host Samantha Harris/Photo: Courtesy Samantha HarrisIn this inspiring conversation, Harris – who is now cancer-free – talks about what to do if disease hijacks your life, how to do a “household hose-down” of toxins, and the importance of being your best health advocate.

Oh, and how she came to love avocados!!

Together Harris and her husband Michael created “Gotta Make Lemonade”, a community of people who share their personal stories to inspire others.

Check it out here!

Remember that October is #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth! 

FB/Insta: @samanthaharristv

Twitter: @samanthaharris