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Producer Stacey Reiss On THE EAGLE HUNTRESS: A Stunning Film About Family, Dreams and Girl Power

Stacey Reiss, producer The Eagle Huntress/Photo: Stacey Reiss

Stacey Reiss

By Patricia Caso/October 28, 2016
Photos: Courtesy Stacey Reiss

As an award-winning producer, writer and director, documentarian Stacey Reiss has probably seen and done enough to make a movie about herself. Her most recent effort as a producer is THE EAGLE HUNTRESS, which takes Stacey to “the ends of the earth” to follow a thirteen-year-old Mongolian girl, Aisholpan, through her challenges to realize her dream to be the best eagle hunter.

“Her story is universal. It’s a story of a father supporting and teaching his daughter, which I can certainly appreciate as the mother of two children.”  Stacey Reiss

I was intrigued to find out more about the producer behind this stunning film that harkens back to traditions and culture from the days of Genghis Khan…  [Read more…]