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TOP 10: Sheryl Sandberg on Living “Option B”

Sheryl Sandberg's Option B/Photo: Book

Sheryl Sandberg on Living “Option B”: Norah O’Donnell–cbsnews.com–4/24/17–Photo: CBS Screenshot

Anne Lamott Writes New Fiction–Imperfect Birds

Noted Marin novelist and essayist Anne Lamott has just completed her third book in a trilogy begun 25 years ago.  “Rosie” (1983) and “Crooked Little Heart” (1997) were the first two.  The title comes from a Rumi poem: “We each make our nest and they’re imperfect and they are unraveling as we speak.”

To read the article:

Washington Post

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A Conversation/2007

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Is there something “imperfect” about your life that you would like to change?