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Amy Meyer Helps Heal Troubled Children at WHY Ranch

Amy Meyer, WHY Ranch/Photo: Adrian Leon

Amy Meyer, founder of WHY Ranch

By Stacey Gualandi/November 6, 2012
Photos by Adrian Leon

Facebook: WHY Ranch

We’ve all heard the infamous saying about Sin City: “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  But there is one woman’s story in Las Vegas that I hope will be shared around the country, maybe even the world.

“My passion is to give kids a chance to overcome today’s challenges by learning how to befriend, take care of and ride a horse.” Amy Meyer

In 2007, Amy Meyer started WHY Ranch, a program devoted to helping underprivileged children who find themselves bullied, abused, and fearing their future. A good friend, Adrian Leon, told me about WHY Ranch and explained how it provides a safe haven for kids to heal by working with horses.

He shared his beautiful photos and video, and I soon learned that in just a couple of years, dozens of children have overcome some of the biggest challenges facing our youth today.I recently met Amy while in Las Vegas to learn about her work, the healing powers of horses, and of course why…  [Read more…]