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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Artist Sonja Hinrichsen Creates Magical Winter Land Drawings

Sonja Hinrichsen Walks in Winter Snow Designing Wondrous Art

Trekking with snowshoes over stark white countryside and aided by intrepid volunteers, photographer-artist Sonja Hinrichsen walks for hours to make unique designs in the snow.

Sonja Hinrichsen Snow Art/HuffPost, photo by Sonja Hinrichsen

An HuffPost article by Katherine Brooks reports that these beautiful creations can take up to a few days to complete with the help of up to 60 volunteers. From an airplane, they transform a landscape into a fascinating confluence of images.

You can view more of these remarkable land paintings or, as she calls them, “interventions in the environment,” on her website.  If you have the opportunity to see them in person, look quickly. They disappear when the snow drifts or temperatures rise and live on only in her photographs.

Photo: Courtesy Sonja Hinrichsen