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TOP 10: Congress Approves Arlington Cemetery Burials for Female WWII Pilots

WASPS female pilots from WW11/Photo: National Archives

Congress Approves Arlington Burials for Female WWII Pilots: Laura Wagner–npr.org–5/12/16–Photo: National Archives

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Hollywood Fashion Exhibit Showcases Glamourous Gowns

Fabulous Fashion & Jewelry from the Silver Screen
at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston 

If you long for the glamourous gowns and style of the 1930s and ’40s, look no further
than the new exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. The dresses, jewelry and
shoes on display shimmer and shine in their elegance.

Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen/Exhibit Museum of Fine Arts Boston

 Fashion worn by screen queens Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford
and Mae West are just some of the items featured.

Stars were dressed like goddesses in French fabrics that were silver with gold-plated metal-wrapped threads. This made them look like they were actually wearing jewelry as Susan Stamberg at npr.org mentions in her report on the collection.

You can visit this exhibit until March 8, 2015.  
If you find yourself near or in Boston, don’t miss it!

Photo: Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts in Boston