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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Reporter Stacey Gualandi and Brave Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Thomas Gunderson

TWE Contributor Stacey Gualandi Reports on
Las Vegas Massacre for Inside Edition

Stacey Gualandi, Thomas Gunderson, Las Vegas Massacre survivor/ Photo provided by Stacey from Inside Edition report

Stacey reports for Inside Edition in an interview with the very brave #ThomasGunderson. He was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas Sunday night when he was shot in the leg. His instinct was to run towards the gunfire to try to stop the shooter. He describes the ordeal in terrifying detail and praises the many people of every shape, size and color came together to help one another.

He says he’s alive because of the selfless act of two off duty female police officers. He hopes to thank them in person some day. #prayforvegas#insideedition — at UMC Trauma Center.

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Hillary Clinton: First Female Nominee of a Major Political Party

Hillary’s Historic Night

Hillary Clinton's Big Night, 7/28/16--Photo: Screenshot

Photo: MSNBC Screenshot

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Holiday Weekend Cheesecake Tart with Berries

Fruity Fun Cheesecake Tart for a Memorial Day Weekend

As we honor those who fought for their country this Memorial Day weekend and spend time with family and friends, we thought you might like a tasty dish that’s nourishing and delicious.  We came across this yummy concoction that might fit the bill. It looks pretty easy to make thanks to the Food Network.

Memorial Day Cheesecake Tart/The Food Network

Recipe Courtesy Food Network Magazine and Kitchen

Photo: Yumhee Kim

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: New Portrait of Female Supreme Court Justices Unveiled

“The Four Justices” On Display at the
Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery


Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Sandra Day O’Connor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Portrait of 4 Female Supreme Court Justices

The Reliable Source reports in the Washington Post that the painting took
“not quite 8 weeks to complete.” Kim Sajet, the museum’s director, said,
“They are tremendously good friends.” It’s 9’6″ by 7’9″.
The newer judges are standing, not sitting.


It was painted by Nelson Shanks and will remain in the
Ian and Annette Cumming Collection for three years.