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Kelly McGonigal, Psychologist and Author of “The Upside of Stress”

May 31, 2015

Kelly McGonigal

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal, author of The Upside of Stress, who says stress can make you stronger, smarter and happier if you understand and embrace it.


Lisa Jey Davis, Fitness Coach and Author

May 24, 2015

Lisa Jey Davis

Lisa Jey Davis, author of Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood, a memoir of her life as a single mom. This certified fitness trainer has takeaway advice on living a healthy lifestyle.


Nancy Tengler, CNBC Wealth Advisor and Author

May 17, 2015

Nancy Tengler

CNBC contributor and wealth advisor Nancy Tengler with advice on how to gain financial independence from her book, The Women’s Guide to Successful Investing.


Danika Gilbert, Hiking and Climbing Guide

May 10, 2015


Danika Gilbert

Danika Gilbert, a professional mountain hiking guide, who is leading an historic expedition that includes a dozen young Afghani girls who will be facing great challenges as they attempt to climb the highest peak in their country.


Tiffany Ward, Author of “From Tragedy to Testimony”

May 10, 2015


Tiffany Ward

Tiffany Ward, a Las Vegas mother who nearly lost her 6-year-old daughter Brazyl in a hit and run accident. She’ll talk about the harrowing ordeal that she and her family went through and that she writes about in her first book, From Tragedy to Testimony. Her hope is that their survival story will help other victims of TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury.


Jen Lancaster, Author of “I Regret Nothing”

May 3, 2015

Jen Lancaster

Jen Lancaster, bestselling author of 8 memoirs including her latest, I Regret Nothing.


Christine Carter, Author of “The Sweet Spot”

May 3, 2015

Photo credit: Blake Farrington

Christine Carter

Sociologist and happiness guru Dr. Christine Carter busts the myths of the importance of busyness with her new book, The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and at Work.


Vy Higginsen, Producer of Hit Harlem Musical “Alive: 55+ and Kickin’ ” Encore

March 8, 2015

Vy Higginsen/Photo: GN Miller

Vy Higginsen

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Vy Higginsen, Radio/TV pioneer, visionary and producer of Alive: 55+ and Kickin’, a musical show seen on ’60 Minutes’ recently featuring newly discovered singers who are getting an unexpected opportunity to perform on stage.