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Interview: Cyndi Hubach On Helping Community Gardens Take Root

Cyndi Hubach's Garden/Photo: Stacey Gualandi

By Stacey Gualandi/September 16, 2012
Photos: Cyndi Hubach and Stacey Gualandi

Twitter: @ElysianVlyGrdn

A movement for change first starts with an idea, a seed, if you will.  Once it takes root, you can watch it grow into something tangible for others to follow.

“It’s very much about applying what you learn and making a difference in the world.” Cyndi Hubach

Well, that is literally what Los Angeles-based television writer/producer Cyndi Hubach did in 2010 when she planted her first seed in the Elysian Valley Community Garden.  With little experience, but plenty of desire, Cyndi started a local garden to unite her community and, ultimately, improve the planet.

Cyndi Hubach's Elysian Fields Community Garden/2010

Photo: Bob Berg

She remains hopeful her vision will spread beyond the garden’s surrounding fence. I recently got to visit my friend of 20 years, and found out quickly that helping the planet, one community at a time, takes a lot of hard work, a healthy compost and a good pair of gardening gloves…  [Read more…]