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TOP 10: In the Battle for September–Vogue Wins, Lucky Loses

Vogue, Lucky Magazines

In the Battle for September: Vogue Wins, Lucky Loses: Kate Dries–jezebel.com–7/25/14

TOP 10: Ladies’ Home Journal Rides Into the Sunset

Ladie's Home Journal--last print edition

Ladies’ Home Journal Rides Into the Sunset: Keith J. Kelly–nypost.com–6/20/14

TOP 10: What We Lose in Losing Ladies’ Home Journal

Ladies Home Journal, May 2014

What We Lose in Losing Ladies’ Home Journal: Sally Koslow–theatlantic.com–5/5/14

Nikki Hardin On Her Sassy And Spirited Skirt! Magazine

Nikki Hardin

Nikki Hardin is the founder and publisher of a unique monthly women’s magazine put together in Charleston, South Carolina called “skirt!”. It’s cleverly designed, unpredictable, full of fascinating essays and articles, and free! It came, she says, out of the universe of her subconscious.

” The title was something catchy and controversial, something unexpected.” Nikki Hardin

January Cover of skirt!

January Cover of skirt!

Nikki launched it with $400 as a small 16-page black and white handout in 1994 hoping that women would embrace it, and to make a living. Seventeen years later it’s alive and doing well with ten local editions throughout the country.

I met Nikki through writer Phyllis Theroux who told me that I just had to meet this women who started an incredibly original magazine “skirt!”. And where could I find this freebie with the strange name? “It finds you,” she said.

That’s all I needed to know. So I found Nikki at her Charleston office to get her to explain just what “skirt!” was all about… [Read more…]