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TOP 10: ‘The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe,’ by Elaine Showalter

The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe by Elaine Showalter

‘The Civil Wars of Julia Ward Howe,’ by Elaine Showalter: Jill Lepore–nytimes.com–3/1/16

TOP 10: Kate Spade’s Happy Feet

Keds for Kate Spade 20th anniversary

Kate Spade’s Happy Feet: Leah Faye Cooper–nypost.com–12/9/12–Photo: NYPost

Rebecca Traister On Why “Big Girls Don’t Cry” —— The 2008 Election

Rebecca Traister Book Jacket photoRebecca Traister’s new book “Big Girls Don’t Cry” gives extraordinary insight into the presidential campaign of 2008 and an election she says that “changed everything for American women.”

This journalist and writer about politics and gender for Salon uses her coverage of the election as a jumping off point for her analysis of what happened during that history making year.

A reader emailed that she wanted Rebecca to be interviewed for this website. “Rebecca gave a lot of thought to the warp-speed with which women have transformed–and been transformed by–the political arena,” wrote my friend.

“…there is nothing wrong with wanting a woman to interrupt the history of white male presidential power. That’s actually a progressive impulse…”
Rebecca Traister

The more I read the book, the more questions I had for Rebecca about this transformative election and her non-teary title. She answered them all… [Read more…]