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TWE Radio Host Stacey Gualandi Wins Emmy Award for KTNV in Las Vegas

Stacey Gualandi/Allison Anslinger win Emmys

Stacey with Allison Anslinger/KTNV Executive Producer

By Pamela Burke/June 17, 2014

TWITTER: @staceygualandi
TWITTER: @Allison_Melinda

Great news! Our radio host Stacey Gualandi, who’s also a reporter at the ABC station KTNV in Las Vegas, brought home a Breaking/Spot News Emmy recently for her story, Candlelight Vigil Car Crash.

Her Executive Producer Allison Anslinger also won an award in the same category for her coverage of Ammar Harris Arrest. Both travelled to Carlsbad, CA for the NATAS/Pacific Southwest Chapter Emmy Awards ceremony.

Stacey was covering a candlelight vigil for a young girl who died while crossing a dangerous stretch of freeway in the Southwest part of the valley. Seconds before going live, three cars collided at the same intersection, coming to a stop within five feet from where she and her photographer Ryan Brooks were standing.

Courtesy of ABC/KTNV Las Vegas

Her report came on the heels of too many accidents and deaths on State Route 160 in Las Vegas. It jumpstarted local government to install crosswalks and streetlights at this deadly intersection.

Stacey has been assigned to a number of different kinds of stories for the station, everything from covering the Dancing with the Stars finale…

Stacey Gualandi covering Dancing with the Stars Finale, May 2014

to Mayweather Fight Nights, tourism on the Las Vegas strip and devastating wind storms destroying local homes below.

Stacey Gualandi covering storms near Las Vegas

We’re happy to have Stacey as host of TWE Radio where she brings her many talents to interviewing our special guests. A big congratulations to you, Stacey! Keep up the great work!

Stacey Gualandi at 1480KPHX/5/14



TWE News: On TWE Radio Spring Series

Coming this Spring to TWE Radio: (top left) JR Marriott, Jenny Bowen, Amanda Owen, Yasmina Zaidman, Anu Bhardwaj

March 14, 2014

We wanted to alert you to some of the great guests coming up on our Spring TWE Radio Shows with host, Stacey Gualandi.

Our March 22,23 2014 show features three women who are making a difference in the world in their own way. They also happen to be from Phoenix, the home of TWE Radio.


Amanda Owen | Photo by Judi Bagnato

Amanda Owen, with her background in social work and a twenty-five year practice as a counselor and consultant, was a workaholic who learned a powerful lesson: when the giving is out-of-balance with the receiving, you don’t last. In this show, and in her book Born to Receive: Seven Powerful Steps Women Can Take Today to Reclaim Their Half of the Universe, Owen shares why learning to receive—and not just give—empowers women and is a key to their entrepreneurial success. She also provides practical tips and tools women can use to establish this critical balance in their lives.


Anu Bhardwaj, founder of Women INVESTING In Women Institute

Anu Bhardwaj is the founder of Women INVESTING In Women Institute, which gathers passionate individuals around the world to create ways to invest in women globally and support the economic empowerment for women and girls. WIIW has caught on with 150,000 followers in 100 countries.


JR Marriott, CEO and designer of Tantrum HandbagsJR Marriott, CEO and designer of Tantrum Handbags, is an entrepreneur and mother of twins who decided, out of frustration with frantically digging through her purse to find her keys, to design the perfect functional, yet stylish handbag for women. She talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and what she’s learned from running her company for seven years.


Our April 5,6th show features two women who are world changemakers:

Jenny Bowen author photo

Jenny Bowen, the author of Wish You Happy Forever: What China’s Orphans Taught Me about Moving Mountains, founded her non-profit Half the Sky after adopting her orphaned Chinese daughter and realizing that many children in China who lost their families were fed and sheltered, but not loved. They could not thrive. Half the Sky provides model programs and trains caregivers in China to enrich the lives of orphaned children so they know that their lives matter to someone. 100,000 children’s lives have been transformed.


Yasmina Zaidman, Acumen FundYasmina Zaidman, is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at the non-profit Acumen, which invests in businesses and empowers entrepreneurs to reverse what they perceive as the #1 global problem: poverty. So far, it has impacted 100 million lives.


From authors to entrepreneurs and global changemakers, tune into these upcoming TWE Radio shows. Podcasts will be available on iTunes after these programs air.


TWE NEWS: Announcing Guest Lineup for Spring TWE Radio


Coming Up on TWE Radio: Bestselling author Kelly Corrigan, her book, "Glitter and Glue," Cokie Roberts and her book, "Founding Mothers," Holly Peterson and her book, "The Idea of Him," and award-winning journalist, Robin Morgan

February 25, 2014

Cokie Roberts/Photo Credit-ABC Inc

Cokie Roberts/Photo: ABC Inc

We’re thrilled to announce just some of the guests on our upcoming Spring TWE Radio Shows that will be on the air soon. To welcome in the new season, legendary broadcasters Cokie Roberts and Robin Morgan will be joining our host, Stacey Gualandi.

Cokie’s just published a wonderful new book for children paying homage to our female ancestors whose sacrifice helped create a new nation.  Founding Mothers–Remembering the Ladies is one we can’t wait to talk about as well as her amazing career in broadcasting.

Robin Morgan/journalist and radio host WMC Live

Robin Morgan/Photo: WMC Live

On that same show is award-winning journalist Robin Morgan, co-founder of the Women’s Media Center and host of their WMC Live with Robin Morgan Radio Show airing weekly on Saturdays at 11AM EST and streaming live over the internet. We are looking forward to comparing radio notes with Robin and discussing a few of the 21 books that she has authored!

Kelly Corrigan and her mom from "Glitter and Glue"

Kelly and mom/Photo: Kelly Corrigan

Popular writers Kelly Corrigan and Holly Peterson will also be on the air.

Their new books talk poignantly and honestly about relationships between moms and daughters and guys and gals. Kelly has just published Glitter and Glue, her memoir about reconciling with her mother. Here is a sweet photo of them both when Kelly was growing up.

Holly Peterson, author "The Ideea of Him" (William Morrow)

Holly Peterson

You might have read Holly’s popular novel, The Manny, and seen many of her articles in all kinds of publications including the New York Times and Vogue.  This award-winning ABC producer’s newest book, The Idea of Him, is getting a lot of chatter.

Full of intrigue and observations about the intricate relations between men and women, this book will keep you on pins and needles.  We are looking forward to talking to Holly about her passion for writing and how she comes up with her spell-binding plots.

These interviews will all be available on iTunes after the original airing! Lots to look forward to and more…we’ll update you on other future guests soon!


Anniversary Of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Brings Authors Scarlett Lewis and Anne Lamott Together on The Women’s Eye Radio Show

Almost a Year after the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings, Grieving Mother-Turned-Author Scarlett Lewis, and Acclaimed Author Anne Lamott, Share Their Journey to Healing in the Face of Tragedy

We at The Women’s Eye are honored to be a radio program and website for women to connect with one another and to be able to spread the word about so many amazing people.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 11, 2013

In remembrance of the one year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, CT, The Women’s Eye Radio Show (TWE) will air two special interviews with authors Anne Lamott and Scarlett Lewis at 3 PM MST on 1480KPHX in Phoenix on December 14th and 15th.

Host Stacey Gualandi speaks with Lewis, mother of 6-year-old Jesse, a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim. She is the author of “Nurturing Healing Love, A Mother’s Journey of Hope and Forgiveness” (Hay House Publishing), a book about her grief, her conscious decision to heal and forgive, and her commitment to cultivate nurturing, educational programs in schools that will teach children how to manage anger.

Intertwining the spiritual connection between healing, well-being and happiness by choice, TWE will also speak with recent Oprah guest and nationally-acclaimed New York Times bestselling author, Anne Lamott.

New York TImes bestselling author Anne Lamott

New York Times bestselling author Anne Lamott

Deeply affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, Lamott will share her personal experiences in finding meaning in the face of violence, as documented in her new book “Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope and Repair” (Riverhead Books).

Scarlett Lewis’ book, named after her son Jesse’s last written words on a chalkboard at home, “Nurturing Healing Love” has received acclaim from readers and reviewers throughout the world. Discussing her life-changing decision to put Jesse’s words into action, Lewis states, “Jesse’s message was one of comfort for his family and friends, but I also knew that it was a message of inspiration for the world. I feel such a responsibility to spread that message, and that’s my purpose now. I feel very blessed to have it . . . I choose to forgive.”

As the Founder of JesseLewisChooseLove.org, Lewis’ interview also focuses on her work to battle mental health issues. Partnering with school educators, Lewis is providing mindful curriculum in anger management, communication and nurturing skills, aimed at helping future generations in the fight against violence. “This whole tragedy started with an angry thought. I pictured Adam Lanza as a little boy with this one angry thought in his head, which is totally normal, except that Adam didn’t have the tools to deal with it. He decided to blame his parents, his teachers the students . . . he became a victim of his own blame, and I believe prolonged victimization leads to rage. . . . but a thought can be changed,” says Lewis.

Following TWE’s interview with Lewis, Gualandi speaks with author Anne Lamott regarding the inspiration for “Stitches”. Stemming from her desire to explain the tragic events of Newtown, CT to her Sunday school class, “Stitches” tackles the calamity of the Sandy Hook shootings, which she considers to be more harrowing than 9/11. “I thought it was the end of the world . . . It was madness.” On sharing and supporting one another through the experience of loss and grief, Lamott says, “A lot of my book is about paying attention, forgiving yourself and finding out who you aren’t. There are so many different kinds of ways that we stitch and quilt and provide for one another . . . life is about taking care of each other. We have been stitched together our whole lives whether we know it or not.”

“Being on the show with Anne Lamott is my Christmas gift from Jesse,” said Lewis. “I read Stitches and I think it’s an important book. I think people are looking for meaning and I hope they find it in both ‘Stitches’ and ‘Nurturing, Healing Love’.”

Commenting on these timely interviews, TWE Producer Pamela Burke states, “Scarlett and Anne are incredibly inspiring women who were deeply and uniquely affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook. We are thankful that through their reflections and words of wisdom, we can begin to understand how to deal with violence like this, and move forward with a spirit of compassion and cooperation. We at The Women’s Eye are honored to be a radio program and website for women to connect with one another and to be able to spread the word about so many amazing people.”

This special program from The Women’s Eye is available on iTunes.

About The Women’s Eye: Pamela Burke has been a Producer and/or Executive for NBC, LIFETIME Cable Network, USA Network, Gannett, King World and CBS, A&E Cable Network and DISCOVERY Planet Green. Industry insider Stacey Gualandi is currently a Reporter for KTNV, the ABC affiliate in Las Vegas. Her credits include Inside Edition, TV Guide Network, Hallmark Channel, and EXTRA. The Women’s Eye website launched in 2010 to share the positive work of women throughout the globe.

Listen to more interviews from The Women’s Eye Radio on iTunes. For more information or to arrange an interview with Pamela Burke or Stacey Gualandi, contact The Women’s Eye Radio Show at thewomenseye(at)gmail(dot)com or call Carrie Hill, Publicist at 757.621.9319.


Carrie Hill Carrie Hill Public Relations +1 (757) 621-9319


The Women’s Eye Radio The Women’s Eye Radio THE WOMEN’S EYE features all types of women who are in the news or who are making their own headlines as they follow their passions and interests to improve their lives and the lives of others.

Coming to TWE: Holly Gordon, Executive Producer of ‘Girl Rising’

TWE will be interviewing Holly this month about the groundbreaking film, Girl Rising, and the impact of the International Day of the Girl.

Girl Rising “is a film, a movement and now…the future”
~Girl Rising

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Breaking News! Susan Burton Named 2012 Purpose Prize Winner!

Susan Burton | CNN Hero of the Year Finalist for Prisoner Re-entry Program

The awards keep rolling in for Susan Burton, whom we interviewed in 2010, and her A New Way of Life Reentry Program. She was named a CNN Hero in 2010 for her amazing work helping formerly incarcerated women have the sober, safe shelter and other support services they needed to get back on their feet.

Today, Forbes.com just announced that Susan is a 2012 Purpose Prize Winner! The Purpose Prize, along with $100,000, is awarded by Encore.org to people 60 years of age and older who are truly making a difference in the world. Congratulations, Susan!

Susan will be a guest on The Women’s Eye Radio Show December 29-30, 2012 on 1480KPHX.com