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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Merry Holidays to All and a Peaceful 2019!

Valentines Red Cut Out Cookies

Wishing you a very Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year.

Cheers from Pam, Stacey, Catherine and Garrett!

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Fun and Fancy Cut-Out Brownies for Valentine’s Day

Super Special Cut-Out Brownies for a Valentine’s Day Treat!

The sky’s the limit in the crafty decor you can put on these delicious cut-out brownies.

Valentines Red Cut Out Cookies

If you’re interested to know tips on how to make these lucious creations, go to
ladolcivita.blogspot and check out what the Busty Baker has to say about them.
She credits picky cook and smitten kitchen for her adaptations.

And for video help with the beautiful icing designs, she advises checking out
How to Make or Swirl Royal Icing at sweetopia.

They look like fun to make…with a little love and patience. 

Good luck with your design. And…



2017 Season’s Greetings
from The Women’s Eye!

PHOTO OF WEEK: Our TWE Book Launch is Tonight-Oct. 7-at Book Passage

Join us for our 20 Women Changemakers
Book Launch Tonight!

WE ARE EXCITED. Tonight–Oct. 7, 2017- is the night we officially launch our 20 WOMEN CHANGEMAKERS (www.changemakersbook.com) at Book Passage, a wonderful bookstore in Corte Madera, CA. Please come and join us if you are in the San Francisco area.

Invite to Book Passage Book Party

Our panel is terrific…our radio host Stacey Gualandi will be there along with 20 WOMEN CHANGEMAKER Doniece Sandoval, the founder of LAVA MAE. Laurie McAndish King, a TWE contributor and award-winning author, will be the moderator.

Treats with an international flavor in honor of our women from around the world will be featured. Join us!

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Reporter Stacey Gualandi and Brave Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Thomas Gunderson

TWE Contributor Stacey Gualandi Reports on
Las Vegas Massacre for Inside Edition

Stacey Gualandi, Thomas Gunderson, Las Vegas Massacre survivor/ Photo provided by Stacey from Inside Edition report

Stacey reports for Inside Edition in an interview with the very brave #ThomasGunderson. He was attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas Sunday night when he was shot in the leg. His instinct was to run towards the gunfire to try to stop the shooter. He describes the ordeal in terrifying detail and praises the many people of every shape, size and color came together to help one another.

He says he’s alive because of the selfless act of two off duty female police officers. He hopes to thank them in person some day. #prayforvegas#insideedition — at UMC Trauma Center.

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: 20 Women Changemakers is Here!

20 Women Changemakers is Here!

Featuring the stories of 20 Women Changemakers, our new book explores the
struggles and triumphs of these women so that you, too, might want to make an impact
and change the world!  They are making a difference in communities from
America to Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

If you purchase it on Amazon, please leave us a review! We have bookclub questions in the book if you’d like to have your own bookclub gathering.

We thank you for being a part of TWE!

Here are three of our amazing women: Gulalai Ismail in Pakistan, Maggie Doyne in Nepal and Doniece Sandoval, San Francisco.

20 Women Changemakers Book is Here | The Women's Eye Magazine & Radio Show

Three of the courageous women featured in “20 Women Changemakers,”
published by The Women’s Eye, co-edited by veteran broadcast producers and journalists,
Pamela Burke and Patricia Caso. http://changemakersbook.com

(Left to Right) Gulalai Ismail, who is fighting for girls’ rights in Pakistan through her organization, Aware Girls. Maggie Doyne, who used her babysitting money to build a safe home for Nepali orphans. Doniece Sandoval, founder of “Lava Mae” who brings showers and dignity to the homeless in San Francisco.

You can also ask for it at your local bookstores. The sales will help us continue with our work on this website, podcasts, and future radio programs.

It will also spread the word about our remarkable women and what they are accomplishing, which is our number one objective!


BRAND NEW The Women’s Eye Radio Shows

We are delighted that multimedia personality Catherine Anaya is hosting this summer. Our guests are inspirational and make it their mission to spread positivity.

Listen to our Interviews from The Women’s Eye Radio Show on iTunes.

Judy & Anthony Robles and Becca Longo aired June 17, 18

Vivian Glyck and Lea Haben Woodford aired June 24, 25


ENCORE Women’s Eye Radio Shows

We are delighted that multimedia personality Catherine Anaya is hosting this spring and bringing us these special guests have found great purpose in their lives.

Listen to these Interviews on The Women’s Eye Radio Show at iTunes.

Sister Adele O’Sullivan and Michelle Steinke-Baumbard aired June 3, 4

Dr. Lisa Strohman and Debbie Gaby aired June 10, 11