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Sukey Forbes, On Healing From Daughter’s Death in “Angel in My Pocket”

November 29, 2014

Charlotte and Sukey Forbes 2004

Charlotte (l)/Sukey Forbes(r)

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Sukey Forbes, who has written Angel in My Pocket, a moving story of a mother’s unconventional path to healing after the death of her daughter.

INTERVIEW: Author Sukey Forbes On Finding Life After the Death of Her Daughter

Sukey Forbes and daughter Charlotte/Photo: Sukey Forbes

Sukey Forbes and Charlotte/2004

By Patricia Caso/July 27, 2014
Photos: Courtesy of the Forbes Family

TWITTER: @SukeyForbes

Sukey Forbes struggled mightily in dealing with any parent’s unimaginable nightmare, the sudden death of her 6-year-old daughter. Charlotte had a rare genetic disease, malignant hypothermia. Her body could not cool itself down.

“I am really conscious every day of all the gifts small and large in our relationships. You get a real appreciation for what’s important when you are laid bare by unexpected hard times.”  Sukey Forbes

In Sukey’s memoir, The Angel In My Pocket—A Story of Love, Loss and Life After Death (Viking), she candidly and movingly addresses her process of grief. After reading her book and speaking with Sukey, I found not only a very comforting and instructive way of handling grief but also of handling life—when the rug is pulled out from under us…   [Read more…]