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TWE RADIO: Ben’s Bells Founder Jeannette Maré Changes the World with Kindness and a Wind Chime

Jeannette Maré, Founder of Ben’s Bells.

Ben’s Bells, changing the world with kindness and a wind chime

Jeannette Maré, Founder of Ben’s Bells.

Jeannette Maré, founder Ben's Bells, Tuscon/Photo: Courtesy Jeannette Maré | The Women's Eye Magazine and Radio Station

Jeannette Maré, founder of Ben’s Bells

By Stacey Gualandi/May 17, 2018

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW interview on The Women’s Eye Radio as Stacey Gualandi catches up with Jeannette Maré, the founder of the Ben’s Bells Project in Tucson, Arizona.

In 2002, Jeannette’s Ben died suddenly before his third birthday. As a way to deal with her devastating grief, this teacher-by-trade began making clay wind chimes that contained bells and tiny messages of kindness. [Read more…]

TWE RADIO: WomenStrong International Founder Dr. Susan Blaustein Launches Safe Cities for Women Campaign

Dr. Susan Blaustein, founder of Women Strong/Photo: Provided by Susan Blaustein

Dr. Susan Blaustein at WomenStrong site in Madurai, southern India

By Stacey Gualandi/March 5, 2018

Be sure to tune in to Stacey’s BRAND NEW interview on The Women’s Eye Radio – to coincide with Women’s History Month – with Dr. Susan Blaustein, the founder and Executive Director of WomenStrong International, an organization dedicated to eradicating urban poverty in Ghana, India, Haiti, Kenya and the United States.

logo for WomenStrong Internation, founded by Dr. Susan Blaustein

With a doctorate from the Yale School of Music, Dr. Blaustein was on track to be a music composer, but after working on a fellowship and traveling abroad, she began reporting on poverty and social injustice that she witnessed first-hand, “whether in the Philippines, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), or while watching an earlier generation of Rohingya Muslims pour in from Burma into already overwhelmed Bangladesh.”

dr. Susan Blaustein, founder of Women Strong with Project Director at their site is Kisumu, Kenya/Photo: Provided by Women Strong

Dr. Blaustein with WomenStrong project director in Kisumu, Kenya

This author-professsor-and former journalist saw a need to combat the hardships women and girls are facing around the globe. Through WomenStrong, Dr. Blaustein is providing the tools they need to survive and thrive. You’ll hear how she’s accomplished this on the podcast.

Now into its fourth year, the organization just launched a new anti-violence campaign “Cities for Women” in conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8. Check out this very informative #CitiesforWomen infographic.

For Dr. Blaustein, WomenStrong is a labor or love and she is committed to make it her life’s work…what she calls “Women’s Work.”

Susan Blaustein founder of WomenStrong International at Dhan/Photo: Courtesy WomenStrong

Dr. Blaustein helping children at their Dhan site in India

Check out www.womenstrong.org.


NEW TWE Radio: Changemaker Maggie Doyne On Her Groundbreaking Nepali School

Maggie Doyne – Founder of BlinkNow in Surkhet, Nepali

Maggie Doyne – Founder of BlinkNow in Surkhet, Nepali


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Stacey just did a BRAND NEW interview for The Women’s Eye Radio with Maggie Doyne, founder of BlinkNow in Surkhet, Nepal and the 2015 CNN Hero of the Year.

We wanted to find out about Maggie’s new activities since we last chatted with her for our book 20 WOMEN CHANGEMAKERS about her groundbreaking children’s home and school in the Kopila Valley. Currently Maggie has 53 children and many more people in her extended family there.

twe-radio-maggie-doyne | Maggie Doyne | BlinkNow | The Women's Eye Magazine and Radio Show

Maggie Doyne

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Maggie was in Los Angeles speaking at the Yellow Conference, a unique gathering for women who want to make an impact and work for something bigger than themselves.

And that Maggie did! Traveling to the poverty-stricken valleys of Nepal ten years ago at age 19, she saw a huge need for education, nutrition, shelter and love for the orphans living in this destitute area.

As she approaches the upcoming 10th anniversary of her non-profit BlinkNow in December, she talks to Stacey about what BlinkNow has accomplished, how they keep growing and expanding and the exciting adventures ahead for them.

Her personal news surprised us! You’ll find out all about it when you hear her talk about her life as “chief executive mom” and new book and documentary.

As Maggie says, “In the blink of an eye, we can all make a difference.” Enjoy this chat. She has terrific advice on how you, too, can make a difference.

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RandomKid Founder Talia Leman Harnesses The Power Of ANYone

Talia Leman, founder of RandomKids

UPDATE October 5, 2012: Talia’s book, A Random Book About the Power of ANYone,  was published this week. Congrats, Talia!

By Stacey Gualandi/May 29, 2012

Talia Leman book

Talia’s new book came out 10/2/12

Talia Leman.  You may not recognize that name now, but you will.  When it comes to helping people around the world, she is fast becoming a household name.  Talia was just 10-years-old when she set out to assist survivors of Hurricane Katrina.  She and kids all around the country helped raise millions.

“I wanted to create a place to provide all the tools and resources for kids to achieve whatever goal they set for the world.”  Talia Leman

Now, just seven short years later, she is the C.E.O. of her own non-profit, RandomKid.  This organization is about helping kids to help others, and as a result, it creates global problem solvers.

I got the chance to talk with this teenage innovator recently on The Women’s Eye Radio Show.   And while she would deny it, Talia Leman is anything but a random kid as you’ll see in this excerpt from that interview…     [Read more…]