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TOP 10: The Marathon Runner Who Jumps Over All Hurdles

Marathon runner Robin Arzon

The Marathon Runner Who Jumps Over All Hurdles: Scott Benner–huffingtonpost.com–1/14/15–Photo: Fred Goris

TOP 10: U. S. Gymnast Shawn Johnson Retires

Gymnast Sean Johnson Retires

U.S. Gymnast Shawn Johnson Retires: Rick Horrow discusses–msn.foxsports.com–6/3/12

Roz Savage On Her Record-Breaking Row Across Three Oceans

Roz Savage rowed 3 oceansBy Laurie McAndish King

UPDATE 5/9/12: Roz is about to set out to row from Newfoundland to London with Andrew Morris, 2587 miles in 60 days, to land in time for the 2012  Olympics.  We wish you well, Roz!

UPDATE 3/3/12: Roz has just announced she will be rowing the North Atlantic to land in time for the Olympics in London.

TWITTER: @rozsavage

Adventurer and environmentalist Roz Savage is the first woman to row across the “Big Three” oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian. Even more impressive, she did it solo, in a 23-foot rowboat, without a support vessel.

“I have battled twenty-foot waves, sleep deprivation, self-doubt and depression, but I have never been happier.” Roz Savage

I interviewed Roz back in 2007 when she was launching her Pacific passage, and learned how she’d transformed herself from an ordinary office worker into a world-class ocean-rowing athlete. She’s accomplished quite a lot since then, having rowed more than 15,000 miles and spent nearly a year and a half of her life at sea.

Roz Savage

Arriving Mauritrius after rowing Indian Ocean/Photo: Colin Leondardt-10/3/11

And she has the credentials to prove it. Roz now holds four world records for ocean rowing, and in 2010 was named Adventurer of the Year by the National Geographic Society. She was recently invited by the Queen’s royal command to a reception at Buckingham Palace.

I was thrilled to catch up with Roz recently at a coffee shop in San Francisco, just after she had set her new record by completing the last of her three ocean rows, the Indian Ocean crossing… [Read more…]

Brent Thomson Prepares To Run The World’s Highest Marathon

Brent Thomson

By Pamela Burke

TWITTER: @ThomsonBrent

It’s a cool, overcast morning in the Marin Headlands when runner Brent Thomson sets off for her 6AM jaunt. But hers is no ordinary undertaking. She’s sprinting 20 miles over hills and tough terrain to prepare for the highest and hardest run of her life–the 26.2 mile Everest Marathon on December 2.

“When you put yourself in extreme situations and you come through them, it makes you so much stronger.”  Brent Thomson

The race starts on Mt. Everest in Nepal at 17,200 feet and ends 6,000 feet below. It’s a helicopter ride in and a 30 mile trek to the starting point. Brent’s approaching her sixtieth birthday but doesn’t give much thought to the age factor. For this Senior V. P. at Pacific Union International, a real estate firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, the morning run is a piece of cake.

Brent Thomson | Photo by Elliot Karlan

Photo by Elliot Karla

It may be cake to her but the rigorous exercise program would give a lot of athletes severe heart palpitations. She runs 18-26 miles every Saturday and 6-10 miles two days a week. Then there are two days of rigorous CrossFit training with just one day of rest. So how and why does she do it? We set out to find an explanation for Brent’s latest ultramarathon goal… [Read more…]

Kimberly Fowler On YAS, Yoga And The No Om Zone

Kimberly Fowler By Stacey Gualandi

Facebook: KimberlyfowlerYAS
Twitter: @kimberlyYAS

Kimberly Fowler never met an obstacle she couldn’t overcome. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor 25 years ago. She was hit by a car while competing in a triathlon. And she almost died after falling during a climbing expedition. What helped her survive these unbelievable challenges? Kimberly says yoga.

“When I was diagnosed, I said not only am I not going to die, I’m going to get into the best shape of my life.”

She is the founder of YAS Fitness centers in and around Los Angeles and has created her own style of workouts called Yoga For Athletes and a yoga-and-spin hybrid known as YAS. Now this former attorney-turned-entrepreneur hopes to inspire everyone to make yoga a part of their lives.

UPDATE: Sunday was Kimberly’s 2nd annual three hour “spin-a-thon” for Think Cure to raise money to fight cancer. Their goal was to raise $150,00. They beat it and raised over $175,000!

Kimberly Fowler in classroom

Kimberly teaching yoga at YAS Venice, CA

When I first interviewed Kimberly four years ago for Multiplicity Media, she made an undeniable impression on me. I decided to set a goal and become a YAS instructor myself, but it was scary and certainly not easy. So now I want everyone to experience Kimberly Fowler’s fearlessness… [Read more…]

Update: Cynthia Aguilar On Her Recent Risky Attempt to Paddle From Cuba to Key West

Cynthia Paddling to Key West

Cynthia Paddling to Key West

Cynthia Aguilar’s valiant attempt to set a world paddleboarding record from Cuba to Key West in thirty-six hours came to abrupt end in September after paddling solo in the water for 17 hours. You can read about her preparation for the trip to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in this EYE interview.

When I heard that Cynthia didn’t make it all the way, I wanted to find out just what happened in the unpredictable Gulf Stream and how dangerous it was. She told me what made her reluctantly decide to get out of the water before reaching Key West and gave me some exclusive photos that you’ll see in her documentary coming out next year when she tries again. The woman is unstoppable! [Read more…]

Cynthia Aguilar Attempts To Set New World Paddleboarding Record– Cuba To Key West

Cynthia Aguilar tried to do something that no other paddleboarder has been able to accomplish. On Sept. 10th, this 26-year-old ocean lifeguard from Miami Beach attempted the first solo paddle from Cuba to Key West to see if she could set a world’s record and raise $100,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


A film about her experience “Dream Big” is scheduled to be released in May, 2011.

When I heard about Cynthia’s tremendous determination and her love of paddleboarding, I knew I needed to learn more. The sport seems particularly strenuous to me and especially tough in the deepest waters of the Gulf Stream. What is it that makes a person set an amazing goal like this and how does she prepare for it?

” I do it by paddling 45 miles, running, spinning and doing weights. I believe I have been training for this day my whole life.”

Cynthia explained why she’s taken on this unique challenge and what KEEP PADDLIN’ is all about… [Read more…]

Phoenix Nurse Runs Across America To Promote Fitness And Break Record

Called the “Richard Simmons of Nurses,” cancer survivor Helene Neville began running to Fla  from Ca May 1.  She expects to arrive on Aug. 1, some 2,500 miles later, when she turns 50.  She’s written a book “Nurses in Shape” about nutrition and fitness.  Helene wants to break the record of 108 days running from coast to coast.

Check out:

Helene’s website

Do you have a fitness goal you think you can  accomplish?