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Interview: Eco-Adventurer Roz Savage Lives To Row Another Day

Roz Savage past the iceberg in Tapper's Cove | Photo from Roz Savage site

Roz surveying iceberg in North Atlantic/Photo:Diane Spurrell, 5/12

By Stacey Gualandi/June 4, 2012

It should come as no surprise to you that The Women’s Eye is a tremendous supporter of Roz Savage’s ocean adventures and environmental-awareness endeavors.  We have profiled her on the site and have had the honor of interviewing her on our radio show.

Roz Savage, world record ocean rower in the studio with TWE Radio Host, Stacey Gualandi

Roz on 1480KPHX radio with Stacey/2-12

So it was with great enthusiasm that we planned to catch up with Roz on Skype once this world-record holding rower announced her desire, determination and decision several weeks ago to row yet again.  This time she would be going across the North Atlantic, accompanied by a first-time crewmate, and hoping to reach London in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics in August.  [Read more…]

Roz Savage, Eco-Adventurer and World Record Rower

Roz Savage Celebrating at the dock in Honolulu/Photo: Phil Uhl-9/1/08: Guest on TWE Radio

Roz Savage

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Roz Savage, eco-adventurer who rowed three oceans to set new world records

Roz Savage On Her Record-Breaking Row Across Three Oceans

Roz Savage rowed 3 oceansBy Laurie McAndish King

UPDATE 5/9/12: Roz is about to set out to row from Newfoundland to London with Andrew Morris, 2587 miles in 60 days, to land in time for the 2012  Olympics.  We wish you well, Roz!

UPDATE 3/3/12: Roz has just announced she will be rowing the North Atlantic to land in time for the Olympics in London.

TWITTER: @rozsavage

Adventurer and environmentalist Roz Savage is the first woman to row across the “Big Three” oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian. Even more impressive, she did it solo, in a 23-foot rowboat, without a support vessel.

“I have battled twenty-foot waves, sleep deprivation, self-doubt and depression, but I have never been happier.” Roz Savage

I interviewed Roz back in 2007 when she was launching her Pacific passage, and learned how she’d transformed herself from an ordinary office worker into a world-class ocean-rowing athlete. She’s accomplished quite a lot since then, having rowed more than 15,000 miles and spent nearly a year and a half of her life at sea.

Roz Savage

Arriving Mauritrius after rowing Indian Ocean/Photo: Colin Leondardt-10/3/11

And she has the credentials to prove it. Roz now holds four world records for ocean rowing, and in 2010 was named Adventurer of the Year by the National Geographic Society. She was recently invited by the Queen’s royal command to a reception at Buckingham Palace.

I was thrilled to catch up with Roz recently at a coffee shop in San Francisco, just after she had set her new record by completing the last of her three ocean rows, the Indian Ocean crossing… [Read more…]

Susan Edwards’ New Film Salutes Environmental Crusader Marion Stoddart

Susan Edwards

Filmmaker Susan Edwards

UPDATE 3/22/13: Today is World Water Day: Why It Matters

By Pamela Burke

Thanks to Susan Edwards’ new documentary “Marion Stoddart: The Work of 1000,” we get to meet one of America’s most dedicated environmentalists. Sue spent four years piecing together the story of how Marion and her supporters took on the challenge of restoring the Nashua River in New England, one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country.

As we celebrate the 100th Annniversary of International Women’s Day, we honor Marion Stoddart who proved one person can make a difference.

Marion Stoddart

Marion Stoddart kayaking down the Nashua River, 2009

The river in Massachusetts above where you see Marion paddling went from “a hopeless, toxic sludge pit” in the sixties to a waterway filled with fish, birds, and kayakers twenty years later.

I grew up near this river that winds through the center of the state to southern New Hampshire and couldn’t believe how polluted it became. When I heard about Marion’s environmental triumph, I had to find Susan and ask her about her fascinating film and this one woman warrior… [Read more…]

Marsha Wallace On How Dining For Women Wants to Feed the World

Marsha Wallace, Dining for Women

UPDATE May 20, 2013: Dining for Women will celebrate it’s 10th Anniversary–Their Decade of Dreams–June 21-23–in Greenville, South Carolina.

While meditating in 2002, Marsha Wallace had a vision: “What if every month you meet with your gal pals, you take the money that you would normally spend at a bar or restaurant, and then donate that money to help poverty-stricken women and girls half way around the world?”

“I do believe if you ask you will receive. We’re best when we’re living with purpose.” Marsha Wallace

Sounds like a simple concept right? Well, that inspired idea became DINING FOR WOMEN, Marsha’s organization that now boasts over 200 chapters in the U.S. and in three countries, and has raised over $946,000 for 48 charities in developing nations.

Marsha Wallace Diing for Women

Atlanta Dining for Women Chapter

EYE Contributor Stacey Gualandi confesses cooking is not her thing, but dining out with friends is. And she was looking for a fun way to make a difference. So she connected in more ways than one when she spoke to Marsha.

Her passion, enthusiasm, and initiative was so compelling, Stacey will be starting the first DFW chapter in Hollywood, CA, in February… [Read more…]

Bea Johnson Lives Zero Waste Lifestyle In Marin

Bea Johnson promotes a life without waste thru her blog and lifestyle in Mill Valley, Ca.   Her motto is “reduce, reuse, recycle” but first “refuse, refuse, refuse.”  She says that it’s not just about less packaging but about changing your whole outlook by wanting less and getting more.  Her consulting business Be Simpler helps people to get rid of the unnecessary.

Read The Women’s Eye Interview with Bea Johnson:

Marin IJ

Bea’s blog

Question to ponder:  How do you  eliminate waste in your life?

Annie Leonard Examines Stuff and Overconsumption

Photo: Eros Hoagland/NYT

Annie Leonard is the author of “The Story of Stuff”  and host of a twenty minute film of the same name.    Dedicated to transforming industrial and economic systems, she’s been investigating environmental health and justice issues for nearly twenty years.

To read the article:

NY Times

To see the website:

Story of  Stuff

Do you think you consume too much stuff?

Rebecca Tarbotton, Exec Director of Rainforest Action Network, Takes On Chevron

Photo: SFGate

Rebecca claims that Chevron is wreaking havoc on local communities, the environment, and our climate.  She’s covering next week’s shareholders meeting in Houston and will be reporting from there to the SF Chronicle as part of their City Brights blog written by prominent local citizens.

To read the article:

SF Chronicle

To view the website:

Rainforest Action Network

Do you think citizen journalists are a good addition to the media?