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TWE FUN STUFF: Festive Footwear for 2015

Festive Footwwear 2015/UGG

By Pamela Burke/December 30, 2014

We couldn’t resist our annual visit to a fashion square again just before the New Year Rings Out the Old Shoes and Rings in the New. Were there new shapes and colors to be had? And, are the towering stilettos still holding their own? A trip to Nordstrom gave us some clues.

We soon would find out that anything goes now, particularly if it’s in silver or has a cozy lining.

And, it’s an added plus if it has a touch of sparkly like this UGG Australia “Azalea Charm” boot above. In this year’s edition, we’re seeing bits of flashy glimmer on the side initials. And, don’t they look warm and inviting!

Michael Kors jewelled shoes at Nordstrom

But if it’s glimmer and fancy you are after, feast your eyes on these Michael Kors “Jayden Espadrille Wedgies” with crystal  embellishments. They come in silver and gold as you can see.

The bejewelled look gives them an air of elegance that could make any outfit shine.

If you are intending to spend a night on the town, these below might do. This Sam Edelman”Hampton” sandal has that same silvery look but in a snakeskin print with emerald-cut crystals AND a back zip.  If you are up for a 4 1/2 inch stiletto, these could fit the bill.

Sam Edelman "Hampton" Snakesskin Print Caged Sandal/Nordstrom

If this silver-grey stylish look is not for you, and you’d like something that would pop and be a reminder that spring is coming, feast your eye on these laced-up, open-toe Daylitte pumps by Steve Madden.  They kept motioning us back to take another glance. With their bright palette of pinks and blues AND the zip entry in the back, they had no equal.

Daylitte zipper lace up pink fabric shoe in Nordstrom

If you’re not looking for a fancy night out but just something comfy but with a little pizazz, view these Steve Madden “Resolvve Sneaker Boots” that cost under $100.  They’re jazzy and look as if they could be worn to a ballgame, for a long walk, or give a frock a splash of fancy.

Steve Madden resolvve silver boot with zipper

We leave you with this “Classic Short Sparkles” UGG that always catches our eye. In fact, we featured it in last year’s survey.  We just spied it again, and the good news is that it’s now on sale.

Red Glittery UGG at Nordstrom

The color is still sensational and the price recommends it. It’s down from $189 to $127. Now that’s the way to start the New Year! Everything old can truly be new again.

Happy 2015! Find a favorite pair of shoes, fancy or comfy, and celebrate!


TWE FUN STUFF: Spring Style with Orange Polka Dots and Zebras

Peach top with polka dots and zebra/Anthropologie 3/14

By Pamela Burke/March 26, 2014

“The color orange radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow.”

We call it a shopping blitz. All of a sudden we want a fix of fashion and to find out if there are new creations that will wow us; what colors are the newest rage; and whether there is a unique piece of clothing that will cause the wallet to open.

Peach Top/AnthropologieToday’s blitz was at one of our favorite stores, Anthropologie, where we know we will usually find something that speaks to us.

Screaming from a distance was the sweet white shirt with orange polka dots and zebra that you see above.

There was just something about the design and the way the zebra appeared nonchalantly among the dots. We knew we had to have it.

As we looked around the store, we noticed the shades of peach and orange popping out everywhere. Are these the new colors of spring?  From jackets to shorts to books to pottery, you couldn’t miss the bright citrus colors.

Take a look at the nifty orange jacket with front zip pockets above. There was something cozy, soft and casual about it that was very alluring.

Could it be worn over that zebra with dots top?  Hmmm. 

Orange Dress/Anthropologie

Not that far away lurked a silky orange shift, again soft and flowing.

The wonder of Anthropologie is that in addition to its nifty clothes, it has an eclectic collection of eye-catching items from all over the world.

A jeweled clutch in peach was particularly stylish, which was right next to a book that fit in to the decor perfectly.
Grace Coddington Book--Anthropologie



I’d been meaning to get Grace Coddington’s Grace, A Memoir for months now (orange cover).

It’s the story of the model-turned-editor of Vogue who became an international icon.

She would be a fascinating interview for TWE and would certainly understand the wonder of color.

 We can’t close our quick survey without mentioning the faux hot air balloons in the window, fitting in perfectly with the spring atmosphere inside. From top to bottom, this store has an aura of creativity that we just love. And, of course, now we can’t live without the new palette we’ve been introduced to. Vive l’orange!

Anthropologie's balloonsHot air balloon display by Shane Majors, Display Coordinator, Anthropologie-Scottsdale

Oh, and that peachy purse

Peach Purse/Anthropologie


FUN STUFF: A Handbag, Hula Hoops and a Beach Drying Rack?

OK.  We’ve been stuck on writing about fancy shoes for FUN STUFF and can’t get enough of them.

Every day they become more outrageous, more pricey, and at times, more wondrous.

But the image we saw this week in The New York Daily News managed to take our Women’s Eyes off footwear (for the moment) and to a hoopy handbag that spread like wildfire on the internet.

It debuted at the 2013 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week causing quite a stir.

The News described this gigantic white quilted purse by Chanel as “balanced artfully between two black hula hoops.”  Yes, it was created by that French house of haute design, Chanel.

Business Insider called it “bizarre,” and hoped in a subversive way that it would smash into someone in a subway.  An article in the International Business Times asked whether “it was ludicrous or inspirational.”   The Stir deemed it “hilarious,” and “big enough to carry the whole family.”

Coco Chanel Book, Chanel and the WorldKarl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s veteran designer and maverick, defined his clever concoction in a video on The Telegraph, as a beach bag for towels that could be placed in the sand to hang things on.  That cleared up the various questions brewing as to its purpose.

There doesn’t seem to be a price tag hanging on these hoops and there may never be.

It may just be a way to draw attention to the Chanel design that Lagerfeld describes as easy and approachable without being boring.

We wonder what Coco Chanel might think of the latest incarnation of her famous bag.  It’s been reported that it was she, back in the 20’s, who decided to put straps on handbags because she was tired of carrying her bag in her arm.  The straps were fashioned after those found on soldier’s bags.

Would she have ever dreamed they would turn into big black hula hoops?


By Pamela Burke/October 4, 2012


FUN STUFF — Attention Dog Lovers! Come see Fetch!

Dog Metal Sculpture "Fetch" by Sue Cretarolo | Photo: Pamela Burke

As I was walking through the exhibits at the Sausalito Art Festival, I came upon a pup so beguiling that he stopped me in my tracks. He wasn’t jumping up and down, nor begging for food, but standing at complete attention.

I learned his name was “Fetch” and instead of hair or fur, he was covered in wrappings of metal artistically placed all over his body.   

His creator, Sue Cretarolo, helped me understand this wondrous piece of art made from metal and found objects. She explained that she covered her husband Jon’s specially designed plywood base with a multitude of layers carefully shaped and bathed in beautiful patinas. Pieces of copper, brass and foil became Fetch’s coat.

Dog Art "Fetch's" Head by Sue Cretarolo | Photo: Pamela Burke

Sue at Cretarolo Design lives in Washington and concentrates on painting and metalwork. Deep patinas characterize her style as you can see on Fetch’s “fur.”  Here’s how she describes her artist’s Eye:

“I am drawn by the way most humble objects and common images–a weathered chair, a rustic piece of metal, the layer of paint on an old wall–can create connections between past and present.” 

Thanks for sharing Fetch, Sue. By the way, he is for sale to the right owner. You can find out more about the pup and take a look at Sue’s art here.

Story and Photo by Pamela Burke/September 3, 2012