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Glitzy, Glamorous and Glittery Shoes

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Multi Heavy Glitter Blink Electraa style

By Pamela Burke/November 21, 2012

We’ve been ogling the higher than high heels so fashionable these days and were wondering what the next trend in footwear might be.  Certainly they can’t get taller (maybe!) but can they get fancier?  Yes, from what we’re seeing they are getting flashier and sparklier.  Whether the cost is little or lots, glitter abounds!

Mega Bootie or Atlantis Shoe by Haus of PriceIf the above multi-colored Electraa with a 5 and 1/4 inch heel and a modest $59.99 pricetag isn’t glittery enough, there is always the Neptune!

This handmade gem-encrusted wedge (left), or Mega Bootie as it’s called, has an open toe and heel cutout.

This blinged out item lists for $354.95 at solestruck.com.

Now if you’re looking for something more comfortable, perhaps for walking but still with a lot of pizazz,  take a gander at a new fancy “high-top.” It’s Michael Kors Glam Studded metallic leather sport shoe.

This champagne-colored wonder even has “golden” hardware and prices out at $195.

Michael Kors Glam Studded High Top

This current flash for the feet could be a sign that the holidays are coming and things that sparkle are festive and fun.

If you’re in the mood to be bejeweled and bedecked with shoes that are showstoppers, you’ll find plenty of them on the internet in the coming weeks.

As you know we’re always on the look-out for Fun Stuff, so send us an email if you stumble upon something that makes your eyes widen with awe and delight.

In case you want to see how you could walk in those Multi-Heavy Glitter Blink Electraa Heels, here’s a brief demo.


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