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TWE TALK: Grammy-Winning Music Teacher Melissa Salguero Believes Every Kid’s Dream is Possible

Melissa Salguero, 2018 Grammy Award-Winning Music Teacher

2018 Grammy Award-Winning Music Teacher Melissa Salguero

By Patricia Caso/May, 2019

In 2014 Ellen DeGeneres’ television show featured Melissa Salguero, a music teacher at the challenged elementary school P.S. 48 in the South Bronx, New York. Ellen invited her after seeing a Youtube video of Melissa and her students seeking funds to replace stolen instruments from a recent burglary at their school. Ellen gave them $10,000 worth of instruments plus a $50,000 check!

Melissa is also the 2018 Grammy Award-Winning Educator of the Year, 2019 Finalist for World Teacher of the Year, 2013 Lincoln Center Teacher of the Year to name a few accolades.

“When my students see my recognitions and where it’s all gone with their help, they see that anything is possible. I tell them all the time that nothing is impossible.” Melissa Salguero

Melissa considers her 675 students her most important prize. Intrigued by her unconventional approach and obvious passion for the kids, I wanted to find more insight beyond her hard won awards.

Melissa took time out of her “off” week to speak about her creative efforts that have led to success in and out of the classroom and how that video came to be…. [Read more…]

TWE RADIO: DOUGHP Founder Kelsey Witherow On Her “Legit Cookie Dough” Biz

Kelsey Witherow, founder DOUGHP and Stacey Gualandi TWE Host/Photo Courtesy Kelsey Witherow

Kelsey Witherow and TWE host Stacey Gualandi

By Stacey Gualandi/April 29, 2019
Photos: Stacey Gualandi

Be sure to tune in to my BRAND NEW interview on The Women’s Eye Radio with guest Kelsey Witherow, the “fearless leader” of DOUGHP, a “legit cookie dough” business!

Kelsey Witherew's DOUGHP Cookie Dough Shop/Photo: Courtesy Kelsey Witherow

New DOUGHP Dessert Shop in Las Vegas

In 2015, Witherow got sober, left a career in high-tech product marketing, and followed her passion for baking.

She opened her first store with “edible, bakeable, and ridiculously tasty cookie dough” on San Francisco’s PIER 39, then a kiosk at the Giants’ Oracle Park, and just recently branched out to the Miracle Mile shops inside Planet Hollywood.

It was at the opening of her Las Vegas Strip location that I first met Witherow and became instantly taken with her story.

Her relationship with alcohol she says, “was unhealthy … and I wanted to be the best version of myself, all the time.”

Now, this “cookie mom-ster” (as I affectionately call her) is taking cookie dough to the next level. In 2018, DOUGHP was voted a “Best Dessert” title in San Francisco so, you might say, she is rolling in the (cookie) dough! I’m very proud to say I’m an official DOUGHP “spoonlicker!”

To make the world a little sweeter, DOUGHP is also on a mission to recognize and donate to non-profits who support mental health and substance abuse issues.

And Witherow has more good news to share: On May 5th, she will be featured on the 10th season of ABC’s Shark Tank. She made the cut after some 40,000 budding entrepreneurs tried out for the popular reality show. Don’t miss her debut and find out if the five host titans of industry took a bite out of DOUGHP.

DOUGHP Dessert Shop owned by Kelsey Witherow/Photo Courtesy Kelsey Witherow


Not only has Witherow found success, but she also found herself, and now she’s too legit to quit.

WEBSITE: www.eatdoughp.com

FACEBOOK: @eatdoughp

TWITTER: @eatdoughp

INSTA: @eatdoughp


TWE RADIO: Author Kimberly Friedmutter On Tapping Into Your Subconscious Power

Kimberly Friedmutter, author Subconscious Power, with TWE Host Stacey Gualandi/PHoto: Courtesy Kimberly Friedmutter

Kimberly Friedmutter and TWE Host Stacey Gualandi

By Stacey Gualandi/April 18, 2019

A BRAND NEW interview on The Women’s Eye Radio as Stacey Gualandi interviews Kimberly Friedmutter, the author of the just released Subconscious Power: Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted.

Kimberly Friedmutter book/Photo provided by Kimberly Friedmutter

Friedmutter has helped everyone from powerful CEOs to celebrities by simply tapping into their subconscious.

“That’s where all of your primal gusto comes from, your gut, your intuition, your instincts,” she says. Essentially, it’s like “zoning out to really zone in.”

But now she is paving the way for all of us to achieve positive, lasting change, through her new book.

You can apply a form of self-hypnosis to access the  inner mind, she says, and by doing that you can achieve your highest goals.

I first met Friedmutter in Las Vegas last year as she was working on Subconscious Power. She says her “6 Principles” to unlocking your mind and “hypnotic hacks” – or self -hypnosis exercises – helped her personally overcome obstacles and find clarity.

I thought (subconsciously) it would be great to share her guidance so we might all have the opportunity to start living our best life.

Friedmutter began a modeling career at 14. She later became an actress and TV personality; and after a long-running radio talk show in Los Angeles, she earned the nickname “Mystic in Cowboy Boots.”

Kimberly Friedmutter, author, Brad her husband, and Stacey Gualandi, TWE host/Photo: Courtesy Kimberly Friedmutter

Kimberly, her husband Brad, and Stacey at the Power of Love event in Las Vegas/2018

Now, as a board-certified master hypnotist, therapist and life management expert, her life’s work is devoted to bringing people back into balance. “Everything you need to create the life of your dreams is within you,” says the first-time author.

“My book will teach you how to make choices that are positive and affirming. With a little help, you can unlock the magic you already possess.”

In the words of Friedmutter: “Expect the exceptional.”


Social Media:

TWITTER/INSTA: @kimfriedmutter

WEBSITE: www.kimberlyfriedmutter.com

FACEBOOK: @kimberlyfriedmutterauthor


TWE RADIO: Voice Actor and Entrepreneur Melissa Moats On Practicing Life Every Day

Don’t miss our BRAND NEW interview on The Women’s Eye! On this episode, we feature a chat with voice actor, entrepreneur and fellow podcast host Melissa Moats!

TWE RADIO: Voice Actor and Entrepreneur Melissa Moats On Practicing Life Every Day

TWE host Stacey Gualandi and voiceover coach Melissa Moats/Photo Courtesy Stacey Gualandi

Stacey Gualandi and Melissa Moats at Adrenaline Studios, Las Vegas

By Stacey Gualandi/April 4, 2019

Don’t miss our BRAND NEW interview on The Women’s Eye! On this episode, we feature a chat with voice actor, entrepreneur and fellow podcast host Melissa Moats!

Check out our video version later on in the post.

Melissa’s optimistic tone and organic happiness helped her battle cancer – twice – and has made for a successful voiceover career, even earning her the self-proclaimed title “Happiest Person on Earth.”

Melissa Moats, voiceover coach/Photo Courtesy Melissa MoatsYou will likely recognize Melissa’s voice from one of the thousands of commercials she has done over the past 18 years, including Best Western, Pandora Radio, and Ashley Furniture, to name but a few.

From bras to cars to furniture, she says, “You name it, I love to sell it.”

She took her love of voiceover and started teaching beginners in her living room, which became so popular she had to move to a bigger house, or open her own business.

So two years ago she launched the Las Vegas-based The Voice Actors Studio, and that is where I first met Melissa.

I have officially embarked on a voice acting “side career,” thanks to my mentor, teacher, and now friend, and I want everyone to hear, not only Melissa’s voice, but also her advice on practicing life every day in a grateful way.

“It’s hard to be in a negative mindset if you are in a grateful mindset,” she says.

And that positive, inspiring attitude toward life is taking Melissa on yet a new adventure. She just launched a video program called “The Womanpreneur Podcast” with her co-host Amanda McCune. Together, they will focus on empowering women in business and living life authentically.

Amanda McCune and Melissa Moats/Photo Courtesy Melissa Moats

Amanda McCune and Melissa Moats

Be sure to tune in to find out Melissa’s method of manifesting, why watching other people thrive is so rewarding, how to find your happy and so much more!

And check out our TWE videocast of this podcast! We want you to be a fly on the wall during our recording session at Adrenaline Studios in Las Vegas.  Enjoy!


TWITTER, INSTA: @melissamoatsvo

WEBSITE: thevoiceactorsstudio.com

WEBSITE: ladyluckvoiceovers.com

FACEBOOK: @thevoiceactorsstudio

INSTA: @womanpreneurpod

WEBSITE: https://thewomanpreneurpodcast.com/

iTUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-womanpreneur-podcast/id1457938757

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-60c329TC7hpePtnv5deUQ


TWE RADIO: Trailblazer Sheila Ronning On Gender Equality in the Boardroom

Sheila Ronning, CEO Women in the Boardroom/Photo Courtesy of Sheila Ronning

Sheila Ronning, CEO/Founder Women in the Boardroom

By Stacey Gualandi/March 25, 2019

In honor of Women’s History Month, don’t miss my Brand New interview on The Women’s Eye Radio with Sheila Ronning, the founder and CEO of Women in the Boardroom. With more and more women working their way up in companies nationwide, we wanted to hear Sheila’s advice on just how to make it to the boardroom.

Ronning is a sought-after speaker, as well as a networking and leadership expert. Seventeen years ago, as a PR executive who created successful networking events, she set out to increase the number of women getting the proverbial equal seat at the corporate table and that’s when Women in the Boardroom was born.

Women in the Boardroom logo/Photo Courtesy Sheila Ronning

To this day, the organization has successfully bridged the gender gap in the boardroom through “providing senior-level executive women with the tools, knowledge and connections for corporate board service.”

Ronning wants women to “show up, stand up and speak up,” and rather than focusing on the current negative gender statistics, she wants women to just “get off your butt and do the work.”

During our chat, we discuss why there is still gender parity, how to network and create the perfect “elevator pitch,” what are the steps to get in the seat, when to pursue corporate boards, and how to stand up to the resistance.

You will quickly see why Sheila Ronning is a trailblazer in working toward gender equality. “This isn’t a supply issue, it’s a demand issue,” she says.

And one last reminder from Sheila: “It’s never too early to start your path to sitting at the table!”


TWITTER: @RonningSheila @boardroomwomen

FACEBOOK: @womenintheboardroom

LINKED IN: @Sheila Ronning

WEBSITE: www.womenintheboardroom.com

TWE INTERVIEW: Award-Winning Producer Stacey Reiss On Her Passion for Filmmaking

Stacey Reiss, filmmaker and producer

Filmmaker Stacey Reiss/Photo: Richard Shepard

UPDATE 5/29/19: New York Times Review “The Perfection”– A Thriller in the Key of Crazy

By Patricia Caso/March, 2019

When we last spoke with filmmaker Stacey Reiss she had just produced the award-winning movie The Eagle Huntress. Since that time we noticed that she’s been very busy producing three fascinating films that have been receiving a lot of attention: Daughters of the Sexual Revolution, The Untold Story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders; The Perfection; and her most recent HBO release, It’s a Hard Truth Ain’t It.

“As a producer, I always want to make films that are engaging, entertaining and cinematic – whether they are shot in Mongolia or behind prison bars.   I’m often drawn to stories from people whose voices are underserved…”  Stacey Reiss

TWE wanted to catch up with Stacey to find out more about the challenges of producing her new films and the current popularity of documentaries like RBG and the Academy Award-winning Free Solo[Read more…]

TWE RADIO: Filmmaker Kamala Lopez On the Movement to Ratify the E.R.A.

Stacey Gualandi chats with with Kamala Lopez, the award-winning actress, activist and director of the documentary Equal Means Equal. I think you will enjoy this fascinating “Her-story” lesson!

TWE RADIO: Filmmaker Kamala Lopez On the Movement to Ratify the E.R.A.

Kamala Lopez, actress, political activist and director Equal Means Equal/Photo Courtesy Kamala Lopez

Kamala Lopez

By Stacey Gualandi/March 1, 2019

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW interview on The Women’s Eye Radio with Kamala Lopez, the award-winning actress, activist and director of the documentary Equal Means Equal. I think you will enjoy this fascinating “Her-story” lesson!

In her 2016 film, Lopez tackled gender discrimination, legalizing equality and the mission long underway to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. The film received Best U.S. Documentary (Audience Award) at Michael Moore’s TCF Festival and was a New York Times Critics’ Pick.

Equal Rights Amendment logo provided by Kamala Lopez, director of "Equal Means Equal"She also just received the inaugural YaleWomen Impact Award for Excellence, which she will accept at the National Press Club in March. It is described as an “unflinching look at how women are treated in the United States today” and likely an early rallying cry for the current – and very timely –  E.R.A. ratification “movement.”

Many Americans don’t realize that the Equal Rights Amendment needs ONLY one more state to be ratified to the Constitution. (Myself included!) That’s right. Equal rights regardless of sex is still not in the Constitution. Congress passed the E.R.A in 1972, but it needs 38 states to be ratified.

So here we are, 57 years later, and women still don’t have equal rights under the law. Currently, intense efforts are focused on Arizona and North Carolina among others, having failed recently in Virginia; but as I write this, there is legislative and political push-back.

Lopez says she too was one of the 96% of Americans who thought we were already equal. “It really astonished me. How can we move forward if our foundation is quicksand?”  That is what motivated her to put this issue on a parallel track with her acting/producing career even though “people thought I was nuts!”

Lopez says, “The reality is [the E.R.A.] influences everything. It is the DNA of our country … if we don’t dig down and fix it, we’re never going to address these issues [of inequality] in a systemic, institutional way.”

Lopez hopes the attention on this high stakes ratification process will bring renewed interest in her documentary. Initially, she believes it didn’t get a lot of traction due to an “information vacuum” that she says continues to keep women from fully understanding how their rights are being “ripped off.”

Alice Paul's Woman's Party picketed the White House 1017/Photo: Library of CongressAlice Paul’s Women’s Party picketing the White House, 1917 (Library of Congress)

But her work is not done. Lopez says she is over halfway through Equal Means Equal The Sequel: This Time It’s Personal. She she says it will be completed when the E.R.A. IS ratified…this year! “The spirit of [women’s rights activist] Alice Paul will be proud. Women have waited way too long to be considered equal to men under our Constitution.”

If you would like more information about Equal Means Equal, host a screening party, or get involved in the E.R.A. movement, check out equalmeansequal.org.

From Kamala since the Virginia ruling, February 21, 2019:

“The fight is not over for E.R.A in 2019. There are strong movements in multiple other states and we WILL achieve equality for all Americans under law. Equal Means Equal will not rest until our Constitution reflects our principles and not those of 1787 when women were chattel.”


Instagram: @equalmeansequal
Facebook: @equalmeansequalmovie
Twitter: @kamalalopez @equalmeansequal

TWE RADIO: Carole Brody Fleet On Loss, Widowhood and Taking Your Life Back

Stacey Gualandi chats with Carole Brody Fleet, widely credited as America’s go-to expert on grief recovery. She joins me in studio to talk about her latest book, Loss is a Four-Letter Word, a Bereavement Boot Camp For the Widowed, available now.

TWE RADIO: Carole Brody Fleet On Loss, Widowhood and Taking Your Life Back

Carole Brody Fleet, author, and Stacey Gualandi/Photo Courtesy of Stacey Gualandi | The Women's Eye Magazine and Radio Show

Carole Brody Fleet and TWE Host Stacey Gualandi

By Stacey Gualandi/February 6, 2019

Be sure to tune in to my BRAND NEW interview on The Women’s Eye Radio with Carole Brody Fleet, widely credited as America’s go-to expert on grief recovery. Carole joins me in the studio to talk about her latest book, Loss is a Four-Letter Word, a Bereavement Boot Camp For the Widowed, available now.

Carole Brody Fleet's book "Loss is a Four Letter Word"/Photo: Courtesy Carole Brody Fleet | The Women's Eye Magazine and Radio ShowWhen Carole Brody Fleet lost her husband Mike to ALS, she was a young mother of a 9-year-old girl. Resources on how to navigate this unimaginable and frightening “widowhood journey” were hard to come by so she began writing.

She understood what it meant to feel alone and marginalized, and “wanted to be someone that people felt they could turn to.”

This award-winning author is not only a wonderful writer and tireless advocate for widows, she is also a long-time friend of mine and TWE. I first interviewed her nearly a decade ago after my dad passed away.

Her first book Widows Wear Stilettos was well-received within the widow community and beyond, and was a tremendous help to both me and my mom. Since then, she has been a frequent and welcome guest on the show, and she is my “hero!” (How’s that for a four-letter word?!)

Loss is a Four-Letter Word is the fourth in a series dealing with grief (including Happily EVEN After and When Bad Things Happen to Good Women).

In this book, readers have to ask themselves, “What what am I doing to facilitate my own healing?”

Fleet then guides them through actionable, reasonable baby steps which can help them start moving in a forward-focus (not “get over”), positive direction…to a place of peace. Says the motivational speaker: “I’m needed to be compassionate, but beyond that, what are we going to do to fix this? That’s my job.”

Through her boot-camp style lessons and end-of-chapter affirmations she calls EKITA (an acronym for “Extra Kick In The Ass”!), Fleet says she hopes those suffering through a challenging life-journey will gain a sense of empowerment.

Widows Wear Stilettos Book Cover | The Women's Eye Magazine and Radio ShowWhether you are dealing with the loss of a spouse, beloved pet, or even the end of a job, Fleet says it is an honor to be there for people at their most challenging moment and to offer hope and promise.

“There are … things that I never knew that widowhood had taught me, and I am grateful for that experience.”

If you are struggling with loss, and want to learn more about Carole Brody Fleet, please go to www.widowswearstilettos.com.


Facebook: @carolebfleet
Instagram: @carolebrodyfleet