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TWE PODCAST: Host Catherine Anaya Talks PTSD with Pat Bondurant and Money Freedom with Catherine Scrivano

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Catherine Anaya, Pat Bondurant and Catherine Scrivano

Catherine Anaya, Pat Bondurant and Catherine Scrivano

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW episode of The Women’s Eye podcast with Catherine Anaya as I talk with Pat Bondurant, respected philanthropist, PTSD awareness advocate and former CEO/President of the Bondurant Racing School in Chandler, Arizona.

I’ve known Pat for several years through various charity circles and was intrigued not only by her interest in creating PTSD awareness but her nearly decade-long marriage to champion race car driver Bob Bondurant.

Pat and husband Bob Bondurant

Pat and husband Bob Bondurant

Pat shares the fun story of how she and Bob met at an automobile auction in Scottsdale, Arizona and how her daughter encouraged her to give the racing legend a chance.

Bob and Pat Bondurant

Bob and Pat Bondurant

Many people are familiar with Pat’s philanthropic work raising millions of dollars on behalf of hundreds of different charities.

But she’s also had successful careers as a draft/engineer for the first Space Shuttle and as a lead architect designer for the Tomahawk Cruise Missile Facility.

She talks about how she thrived in what were considered male-dominated industries and her advice for young women entering STEM-related fields.

Plus, Pat will talk about her passion for creating PTSD awareness, how you can get involved and how the Birdwell Foundation comes to the aid of people suffering from the disease.

Also in this episode, you’ll meet a new, regular contributor to The Women’s Eye podcast, Catherine Scrivano. Catherine is President of CASCO Financial Group in Phoenix, Arizona. She founded her business to help people create the financial strength necessary for achieving their dreams and Building Money Power.

Catherine Scrivano and Catherine Anaya

Catherine Scrivano and Catherine

Catherine talks about three reasons why she believes it’s now more important than ever for women to claim their money power…

Plus, you’ll hear how financial freedom can change a woman’s life.

For more information about The Birdwell Foundation, check out:
@birdwellfndn – Facebook


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