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TWE PODCAST: Catherine Anaya Talks Empowering Women with Mesha Davis and Love and Money with Catherine Scrivano

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Catherine Scrivano, Catherine Anaya, and Mesha Davis at CoHoots, Az

Catherine Scrivano, Catherine Anaya, and Mesha Davis at CoHoots, Az

By Catherine Anaya/September 4, 2019

Don’t miss a BRAND NEW episode of The Women’s Eye podcast with Catherine Anaya as I talk with Mesha Davis, CEO of the Arizona Foundation for Women, a nonprofit that serves as a key resource with a long history of effectively advocating on behalf of women.

I attended their 2019 Awards Luncheon and was impressed by their inclusion and celebration of men who support and advocate for women.

Mesha Davis

Mesha Davis

I talk with Mesha about why she believes men should be part of the solution when it comes to an equitable and just future where women are safe, healthy and economically independent.

Mesha also tells me about her nearly 20 years of nonprofit work with advice for those wanting to get involved or start their own nonprofit.

Mesha Davis at a TeamUSA event

Mesha Davis at a TeamUSA event

Plus, she talks about her childhood and how two important women in her life – her grandmother and her mother – shaped the strong, independent woman she’s become.

Also on this TWE podcast, you’ll meet a regular contributor to The Women’s Eye, Catherine Scrivano.

Catherines Scrivano and Anaya

Catherines Scrivano and Anaya

Catherine is President of CASCO Financial Group in Phoenix, Arizona. She founded her business to help people create the financial strength necessary for achieving their dreams and building money power.

In this episode she talks about relationships and money and why couples fight more about money than anything else.

Plus, she offers practical advice for how they can begin discussing individual money styles and an approach to their finances as a team.

For more information about Mesha, check out:
@azfoundationwomen– Instagram
@Arizonafoundationforwomen – Facebook
@SHEcounts – Twitter

For Catherine Scrivano:

CASCO Financial Group 
catherine scrivano
@CatherineScrivano – Facebook


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