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PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Fun and Fancy Cut-Out Brownies for Valentine’s Day

Super Special Cut-Out Brownies for a Valentine’s Day Treat!

The sky’s the limit in the crafty decor you can put on these delicious cut-out brownies.

Valentines Red Cut Out Cookies

If you’re interested to know tips on how to make these lucious creations, go to
ladolcivita.blogspot and check out what the Busty Baker has to say about them.
She credits picky cook and smitten kitchen for her adaptations.

And for video help with the beautiful icing designs, she advises checking out
How to Make or Swirl Royal Icing at sweetopia.

They look like fun to make…with a little love and patience. 

Good luck with your design. And…


PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Hillary Clinton Becomes Presidential Nominee

Hillary Clinton Breaks the Glass Ceiling
Becomes First Female Nominee of Major U.S. Political Party

Hillary Clinton Breaks Glass Ceiling--Screenshot

Photo: NBC Screenshot

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: “Find Your Adventure” at the 2016 Rose Parade

Marching Bands and Flower-Laden Floats Ring in 2016 at the 127th Rose Parade

We love a parade and especially one in Pasadena as we begin 2016. You can “Find Your Adventure” with this year’s theme which celebrates the U. S. National Parks.

“Fishing Follies” epitomizes the spirit of the outdoors and the fun of the sport with 1,000 gallons of water for the pond, two streams and a waterfall.  What a wonderful creation and a terrific theme for this coming year!

Fishing Follies float at 2016 Rose Bowl Parade/Photo: NBC Screenshot

This floral work of art was designed by a local Pasadena artist, Eugenia Chen Carlow.  Ten people built the 55 foot float along and 50-200 volunteers reports Stephanie Baer in the Pasadena Star-News.

Photo: NBC Screenshot

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Buffalo Bills Bring Breast Cancer Survivors on Field

Buffalo Bills Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Bringing Survivors On Field Before Game

Buffalo Bills honor Breast Cancer Survivors at Game Oct. 4/2015/Photo @espn

The Buffalo Bills brought out 50 breast cancer survivors before their recent game with the New York Giants. Players on the team donned pink cleats and gloves; refs wrapped pink bands around their wrists; and the team painted their plow truck pink.

As Matt Eisenberg wrote at espnW.com, “To honor survivors like this is an incredible gesture.”

Photo: @espn


PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Meet the Women Behind NASA’s Mission to Pluto

NASA’s New Horizons’ Flyby Team on the Pluto Mission is about 25% Women

Here is the amazing array of NASA’s talented women who helped power the historic spacecraft to Pluto recently. Lauren Zalaznick featured this outstanding team photo on her LZSundayPaper.com.

New Horizons Flyby Team NASA at Johns Hopkins University lab 3 days before Spacecrafts closest approach to Pluto/Photo: SwRI/JHUAPL

Dozens of women helped to make the epic flyby happen on July 14 when the spacecraft came within 7,800 miles of the planet’s frigid surface. The new photos of Pluto are awesome!

As Cathy Orkin, a deputy project scientist, said, humbly, “New Horizons is about a group of talented, smart people who are passionate about the mission. That’s what makes them awesome.”

You can stay in touch with this mission on Twitter #PlutoFlyby and on Facebook.





PHOTO OF THE WEEK: All-Women Sailing Team Faces Tough Around-the-World Race

First All-Women Volvo Ocean Race Team Since 2001 Competes to Sail Around-the-World

Circling Antarctica while experiencing violent shivers is just one of the challenges facing this 13- women Volvo Ocean Race team which began its sailing trek from Spain to Sweden in October.

Team SCA sailing around the world/Photo: Anna-Lena Elles/Team SCA

Leg 5 from New Zealand to Itajai, Brazil, Aboard Team SCA in March

Scott Neuman details this gutsy international team’s journey to get into the race and find a sponsor at npr.org.  SCA, a global personal hygiene and forest products company, stepped up to the plate and came up with “the estimated $15 million to $25 million it costs to mount a competitive campaign,” writes Scott.

We say, “Go Team SCA!” Best of luck completing your eight-month sailing adventure. Bravo to SCA for sponsoring them. We’ll be following your amazing race on Twitter!
TWITTER: @team_sca

Photo: Anna-Lena Elled/Team SCA

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Pascale Beale’s Pesto Pasta from her Market Table Blog

Chef Pascale Beale Makes a Tasty Pesto Pasta with Fresh Grilled Veggies

We love to have chefs and foodies on our TWE Radio and Pascale Beale is an extra special one. She brings the freshest ingredients to her Market Table blog and this Pesto Pasta with Grilled Zucchini is no exception. You can add spring peas and asparagus or whatever vegetable is in season.

Pascale Beale's Pesto Pasta with Grilled Zucchini/Photo: Pascale Beale

You can enjoy listening to Pascale Beale’s TWE Radio interview on her podcast here

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: “She Who Tells a Story” Exhibit at Stanford

12 Leading Women Photographers from Iran and the Arab World Explore Identity and War in Daily Life

“She Who Tells a Story” is a fascinating exhibit of 79 photographs and two videos currently at Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center. It represents the diverse perspectives of the 12 artists and their view of contemporary life in the Middle East.

Stanford She Who Tells a Story exhibit/photo: Dashiti Untitled #5

The works were created mainly during the last decade and portray a region that has undergone immense challenges and enduring conflicts.

This print above by Gohar Dashti is a staged photograph of a man and woman sitting as newlyweds in the shell of an abandoned car.

Print: Gohar Dashti (Iran, b. 1980),Untitled #5 from the series Today’s Life and War, 2008. Pigment print courtesy of the artist, Azita Bina, & Robert Klein Gallery, Boston. © Gohar Dashti

The exhibit will remain at the Center until May 4, 2015.