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Kim Hunter: From DC Politics To World Backpacker And Blogger Promoting Adventure for Women

December 22, 2013

Kim Hunter

Kim Hunter


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Kim Hunter, a former political aide, left the rough and tumble political world of Washington, DC to backpack for a year around the world. She now encourages others to take on new challenges and adventures on her blog leapingintolife.com.



Patricia Sexton’s Journey from Wall Street Banker to Anchorwoman in Mongolia

Patricia Sexton LIVE from Mongolia

Patricia Sexton on Mongolian TV

UPDATE 11/28/13: LIVE from New Zealand, Patricia launches her book in Wellington

By Bridget Stangland/November 24, 2013

TWITTER: @PatriciaSexton

“I was hungry. Suddenly, I had to make it, and I wasn’t going to arrive wherever I was going by coasting. This dream I believed I had—and I still wasn’t sure what it was—would have to be real.” Patricia Sexton

Everyone has a dream. Whether large or small, these dreams are what can motivate people in their daily lives. However, some never take the leap of faith to follow them. Patricia Sexton is an individual who took her leap. She’s the author of the popular blog and book, LIVE from Mongolia. I was excited to have the opportunity to speak with Patricia recently while she was in America touring for her book before returning to her home in New Zealand.   [Read more…]

Bea Johnson On Her Personal Crusade For The Zero Waste Home

Bea Johnson

By Pamela Burke/January 11, 2011

UPDATE 9/27/13: Bea’s book Zero Waste Home has recently been adapted and published in French.  Zero Déchet just reached number one on Amazon in France.  Congratulations, Bea!

UPDATE 1/10/13: Bea has just done a photo shoot for Martha Stewart’s magazine and has a new book coming out 4/9/13 on her zero waste lifestyle

Bea Johnson is taking the zero waste movement to a new level in Mill Valley, Ca. She doesn’t just want to “reduce, reuse and recycle.” Her goal is to get rid of packaging and waste altogether.

” I’ve learned that the less I have, the easier it is.”   Bea Johnson

Her philosophy is to love, use, and know everything in her household and her motto “Refuse, refuse, refuse!” She says people aren’t willing to sacrifice today for a better future. Her Be Simpler business helps clients and friends make their lives less cluttered and wasteful.

Bea Johnson and zero waste

Cheese, meat, and olives stored in jars that Bea brings to the store

Everyday I notice packaging that is becoming more and more difficult to open and dispose of. I wrote a short post last year on Bea and didn’t have the chance to speak with her. That story keeps getting a lot of interest on the EYE.

I had many questions for Bea from how she shops successfully with jars to what it’s like managing a zero waste house with a husband and two sons. We got to talk recently so she could explain to me just how she does it. And it’s quite amazing… [Read more…]

TOP 10: Reading The World in 196 Books

Ann Morgan, Reading the World/Photo: Darren Russell

Reading the World in 196 Books: Ann Morgan–bbc.com–7/28/13–Photo: Darren Russell

Writer Dominique Browning On Her Slow Love Life And Finding Happiness

Dominique Browning author photo credit Frances Palmer

UPDATE 8/8/15: Dominique’s most recent column: I’m Too Old for This

By Pamela Burke/April 23, 2012

TWITTER: @Slowlovelife

All things fascinating, beautiful, and wondrous are discussed on Dominique Browning’s blog Slow Love Life.  We follow it religiously here at TWE, wondering what special photos and subject matter Dominique will turn up next.

She is a well-respected writer and was Editor-in-Chief of one of our favorite magazines, House & Garden.  Unfortunately, it ceased publication overnight in 2007, and she lost her job.

“The idea of Slow Love is just taking and giving ourselves permission to take a little time every day to feed our soul.”    Dominique Browning

Dominique decided to write all about it in a very candid and amusing book called Slow Love: How I Lost My Job Put On My Pajamas and Found Happiness .  We couldn’t wait to talk to her about her concept of Slow Love and her new project, Moms Clean Air Force.

Here are is an excerpt from Stacey Gualandi’s radio interview with Dominique along with some inspiring photos from her blog…   [Read more…]

Brent Thomson Runs Mount Everest

Brent Thomson on Mt Everest, Dec. 2011 on TWEBy Pamela Burke

Twitter: @ThomsonBrent

She went, she ran, she conquered! Brent Thomson took on what is called the hardest and highest race in the world, the Mount Everest Marathon, and accomplished her incredible goal this month. At 60 years of age, she finished in 8 hours and 12 minutes. Just completing the 26.2 mile journey down the rugged terrain was a feat in itself.

“I’m extremely thrilled that I did it and in a time I am very proud of…we pushed our bodies to the extreme limits.” Brent Thomson

We profiled Brent on this website before she left for Nepal to begin her trek to 17,200 feet. She returned earlier this month and gave Stacey Gualandi the first exclusive interview on the Women’s Eye Radio Show about her amazing race… [Read more…]

Guest Blog: Sandy Foster’s Star of Wonder, Star of Night

Sandy Foster's Star

December 15, 2011

We asked Sandy Foster, the curator of a simply wonderful design website, My Shabby Streamside Studio, to do a blog this year as she had done last December to share with us what the holidays mean to her.

Her articles here on TWE are very popular, and we thought our audience would be interested in hearing from her again. As always, times change, things happen, and life can gobsmack you. Here’s her story this year… [Read more…]

Interview: Ann Murray Paige And Pink Tips For Breast Cancer Fighters

Ann Murray Paige

Photo: VIPimages.com

UPDATE 10/3/14–We remember Ann fondly and want you to know that Sosai Donna Harris, a dear friend of hers, is raising money to help distribute her book Pink Tips to cancer care centers. For more infomation

UPDATE 3/17/14–So sad to report that Ann passed away on Mar. 16. She lived life to the fullest and we so enjoyed having her a part of The Women’s Eye.  We send our condolences to her family and will miss her kind and giving spirit.

UPDATE 10/1/13–Don’t miss Kristin Meekhof’s terrific story, ‘A Breast Cancer Heroine,‘ in the HuffPost about Ann as we begin Breast Cancer Awareness Month today.

UPDATE 10/7/12–You can see Ann’s one act play IN THE PINK in Worcester, MA on Oct. 21

By Stacey Gualandi

TWITTER: @annmurraypaige
FACEBOOK: annmurraypaige

With the country’s attention focused heavily on breast cancer this month, there is story after inspiring story of amazing survivors of this disease. But one woman’s journey in particular, Ann Murray Paige, truly captures the spirit of what it means to be a breast cancer fighter!

” Once life forced my face to the mat, I came back swinging, and I still am.” Ann Murray Paige

Mutual friends Susie Stangland and Lee Woodruff, whom we profiled earlier this year, introduced me to Ann, and I am so grateful they did.

Ann getting chemo during doc

Ann getting chemo; Linda Patillo with camera

This Emmy-nominated New England TV journalist, wife, and mother of two adorable young children, was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 38. Her dream of having a third child ended there.

But Ann did what she knew best; she told a story. She documented her battle in the acclaimed film, “The Breast Cancer Diaries.”

She writes an award-winning blog Project Pink , and her just-released book, “pink tips: breast cancer advice from someone who’s been there,” is the cancer Cliffsnotes she wished she had.

We both worked in television news and share a love of “Charlie’s Angels” (don’t ask!!!), so I wanted to get to know this “warrior in pink” better. I soon learned cancer picked the wrong gal when it picked her.

Be sure to tune in soon to our interview with Ann on The Women’s Eye Radio Show airing in December… [Read more…]